Gerber DMF Folding Tactical Knife – Tanto & Clip Point

The DMF(Dual Multi-Function) is a line extension from the Automatic DMF. It is an ambidextrous all carry knife with dual handle thumb studs and a dual lever…

20 thoughts on “Gerber DMF Folding Tactical Knife – Tanto & Clip Point

  1. Bryan Love says:

    shouldn't use a knife as a weapon, unless your in war or something like that.
    Can get yourself into a lot of trouble using a knife.
    Same with me, I just use them as tools.

  2. Bryan Love says:

    depends on what your using them for. The Gerber uses the Wedge lock and the Cold Steel Recon 1 uses the Tri-ad lock. The Tri-ad lock is really strong. I don't how strong the wedge lock is.

  3. Douglas Barrow says:

    I bought one (Tanto) took it out the the car, opened up the packaging, opened and closed the blade then the wedge lock broke apart and crumbled in my lap as I sat in the car. I put all the bits back in the bag along with the knife and took it back into the store to get my money back. Damn shame. The knife really feels good but that plastic wedge lock button has got to go.

  4. nosyarg1997 says:

    They should have made it spring assist F.A.S.T. As they did with the gerber 06 auto and 06 F.A.S.T. Noway would I own one just for that reason, I'll stick to my gerber 06's

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