Gerber Combat Folder: Flawed… But Oh So Very Wicked!

Here’s a little bedtime knife story about my favorite Gerber knife, the Applegate – Fairbairn Combat Folder. Its brilliantly functional design trumps very Gerber-like …

29 thoughts on “Gerber Combat Folder: Flawed… But Oh So Very Wicked!

  1. Steve Martin says:

    If the top edge needed to be sharp I am pretty sure Fairbairn and Applegate would have designed it that way. Im also positive they knew a considerable amount more that nut n fancy about this subject.

  2. Terry Franks says:

    I bought one from a place in Arizona for 65 bucks 4 years ago and they ended up sending 3 more for free.I checked my bank account a month later and they only charged me for one.They were going out of business and told me to enjoy the deal and I never heard another word from them.I ended up giving 3 away for gifts for Christmas.I just today put it back in the rotation for the second time.I put an edge on the other side of the blade making it a double edge myself. it was easy to do and looks professional with just an ordinary 3 dollar carbide knife shapener.Awesome quick flip sticker.This will be used to pick the gold teeth out some radical Islamic mugs.Lol.I usually sleep with a 9 inch switch blade in shorts for for whatever and I'm not talking about my dick because im white but I live in a shit area so this rides nice in my shorts no problem.

  3. Matthew Caughey says:

    I still think that a knife is a valid option even with a firearm if you do need it it's good to have ( I prefer more utility minded knives myself ) I used to run an Arkansas toothpick boot knife for many years ( not the most graceful knife but would ruin someone's day if I had to use it) I stopped using it when I got into security work ( was advised I could be sued if I used it) and I ran cheaper knives I could say were utility tools as of late I've been hunting for a knife that can be a do all again and a more moderately priced one of these might do ( ok so in winter I can get away with my beloved Mark 2 Gerber knife on my belt but I need a 4 seasons implement) anyhow anybody carrying a gun should have a good blade if for no other reason then it's a good this or getting killed option ( ever watch Dirty Harry? When the bad guy is going to kill Harry after he makes Harry drop his gun and kicks the crap out of him Harry pulls a switchblade out of his sock and Scorpio finds out just how bad getting stabbed really hurts then he limps ways)

  4. noobi core says:

    My AF never had much of a tip point. The handle material has zero traction. If the grip has any blood spilled on it (likely with a tactical) it would become as slippery as olive oil . Be it knives or handguns, I don't try to resuscitate the dead. It's time is long gone and ( for reasons you rightly pointed out in your vid) it's been cremated by the many more superior tactical folders of today.

  5. exexpat11 says:

    I have had this knife for 5 years.  I used to use it on my job.  I shaved the back of the handle (I hate plastic seams), I gunkoted the blade and all metal parts black, and sharpened the other daggar side.  My liner lock engages more with more use (hard spring!).  "M425" is crap.  I did have the smaller Covert (China Made) and it could be sharpened much easier and was like a razor.  The Full Size not so much, more like a spear than a cutter.  Hard use you will need to have a small star head driver to keep it all tight.  Never had an issue with the aluminium pin stopper and I open and close hard.  It is my secondary and it is comfortable.    

  6. Stevo Reno says:

    Nutn is fun to watch, He thinks like me.  I'm  not so into knives like You guys but I just got one of these from a pawn shop for $40 bucks so I thought I would look it up on Yoo Boob…..PS: I know the Applegates, they still live here in ( You guessed ) Applegate Valley in southern Oregon on the  ya  You guessed it again lol the Applegate River    …..thanks

  7. 2JEWS1PENNY says:

    I really like nuntnfancy, I just bout his SOG Slim Jim Set from him. And I do value his points and respect him immensely. However, I do not worship him. If I saw him I'd say what's up and pass my gear check but I wouldn't treat him like a god. I make my own choices. I don't let anybody influence what I like or what I think.

  8. HawkLMT says:

    Rex Applegate's ancestors are responsible for keeping the Oregon territory from falling into British control. The British put a toll on the Oregon trail. So, many pioneers turned south to California. The Applegate's found an alternate southern route into Oregon, bringing the number of residents up enough to be granted statehood and snatch Oregon from the British in 1859 as the 33rd state. The name of that southern route? The Applegate Trail.

  9. TheApostleP says:

    I thought you might remember that one, Camp :). I actually spit out that title without going back to look it up. After I uploaded this video, I had to look to make sure I got it right… and that was it. I guess it's just burned onto my brain. Thanks for the encouragement, brother 🙂

  10. TheApostleP says:

    Thanks for watching, biguy! I understand your legality points. I'm not sure it's even legal for me to carry in IN, but the day I need to go out of the house with this knife, I think we'll be past worrying about that, sad to say. And yes, the edge could be used for a mirror… pretty sexy I think 🙂

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