Garrison Fighting Knives

Founder Craig Garrison & assitant instructor Rocky Twitchell display the Garrison Fighting Knife…. The Garrsion Fighting Knife is geared for serious martial …

35 thoughts on “Garrison Fighting Knives

  1. Sir Whistler Bhagwan says:

    ahahah that's the stupidest thing I ever saw. You know nothing about knife fighting. For God sage man you must be joking. Combat fighting has nothing to do with your so called 4 point system. You and that idiotic knife won't last 10 seconds with a professional fighter.

  2. a053303 says:

    The most common knife attack 'technique' is to thrust the knife very quickly and repetively to the chest and neck area OR even better, sneaky from the back. Any law enforcer knows this. In short, when there's a knife in the game even a trained person will most likely be severely injurded or dead unless you can run, shoot him or otherwise escape. Good luck with that shovell knife…

  3. Victor deThouars says:

    Mr. Garrison, certainly a very nice Tool. Problem with only attacking the hand that deals the strikes, is that the main computer, the head of the person(attacker) is very much alife. In teaching law enforcement and been accociated with the Naked Blade for well over 50 years, it is not sound not to strike the head at the same time. The Attacker nomatter if cut, can still respond. this from my life experience.
    Responsibility to teach open blade. One can die if not taught with care

  4. Tero Kaikkonen says:

    there's nothing that normal knife couldn't make as good or better. you just loose that knife more easy… this is like those turning ice cream cones or phone handles that you can attach to mobile phones,

  5. WMDTVIDS says:

    Are the weapons we are "allowed" to own and bear to have their form dictated by those who are not weapons or self-defense oriented, and who are frightened by the mere sight of a weapon? To think that the GFK is not a "carry peice" merley because it will scare the sheep of this world is a little shortsighted. Things DO change.
    While i personally gravitate to a bowie knife ( sorry Craig!) i still find the GFK an interesting knife, and concept, to explore.
    Well done, Craig!

  6. WMDTVIDS says:

    The point is to think for oneself, adapting many concepts to a single tool, and a single tool to as many concepts as possible.
    The GFK is a stone cold weapon, with no apologies. And none are needed. Have American males become so pussified that they shrink from learning about weapons, however unconventional in apearance?

  7. WMDTVIDS says:

    (needed more space)
    The point is to be able to think outside the box, and use a concept for many tools, and a tool with many concepts.
    The GFK is a stone cold weapon, with no apologies. Are American males so pussified these days that they shrink from a real weapon? Have we been so cowed by political correctness that we critisize a new idea because it looks more agressive, and satisfy ourselves with self defense tools whose form is dictated by people who are not weapon oriented?

  8. WMDTVIDS says:

    ( needed more space)
    The point is to be able to adapt to ANY weapon, to explore concepts beyond what someone teaches you, to discover and create for yourself.
    The GFK is a stone cold weapon. Have we grown so pussified in our society that we shrink from learning to use real weapons? Have we been so cowed and intimidated by political correctness that we are reluctant to learn to use a new tool?

  9. WMDTVIDS says:

    I can remember when this knife was just a twinkle in Craig's eye! Its good to see someone have a dream and a goal, and then persue it to fruition despite the critisism from naysayers.
    I have had more oportunity to handle and play with the GFK than most people, and I can attest that it is a nasty peice. Some will argue that its not practical, and that these moves can be performed with any knife. Of course they can, i do not recall hearing Craig say otherwise. That is not the point.

  10. AROTTWEILERR says:

    sorry rocky but i just don't see any soldiers ever wanting to carry that thing….they carry normal utility weapons, something they can open tins and stuff with…i served 8 yrs in british army and never once saw anything like that and we are all taught basic knife work…best regards from england…ps im not dissing your video, just the usefullness of the product

  11. Jerome Onnen says:

    Field soldiers or REMFs? Did any of them use the knife for it's intended purpose? It's easy to be a badass with a movie prop in a choreographed demonstration. It's something else, altogether, to be in close-quarters combat with someone who REALLY wants you dead. Your "knife" seems to have some critical design flaws for the latter scenario. Any endorsements for this "knife" from combat vets?

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