Full fights. Knife. Spain 2014 . Armed Combat and Tactics

As requested we are publishing some full fights, as to give better understanding of ACT tactics, footwork and adaptation. Enjoy!

6 thoughts on “Full fights. Knife. Spain 2014 . Armed Combat and Tactics

  1. Cão Pastor says:

    Awesome, do you happen to have a video about figthing larger weapon like machete and sword with a shorter weapon like knife and pocket knife? It would not be fair but is good to train cuse life is not always fair. Thanks.

  2. Daniel Skipp says:

    Oh, you're good! A pleasure to watch.
    I think when you are holding the blade back ready to deliver a backhand slash [which you do with amazing speed] your opponents would have done better to try to jam your swing and counter rather than trying to evade. The backhand is very fast but it is predictable and easy to block.

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