Full contact self defence KNIFE TRAINING



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24 thoughts on “Full contact self defence KNIFE TRAINING

  1. Ramsey Dewey says:

    But… but… all those online women’s self defense videos show that knife attacks are always turn based affairs where the attacker only uses one slow, very predictable overhead swing that’s easily countered with a karate chop! I don’t know what to think anymore.

  2. NB TKD Academy says:

    If anyone needed evidence that the fantasy "knife defense" stuff they've been shown will get them killed, this is the video. It's criminal that some schools show that bullshit and tell people they're teaching them how to defend against an actual knife attack when all it amounts to is fight choreography that has zero practical use. I look forward to your commentary on the tactics used in this vid and it's great to see you're back at it! Hopefully people see their knife hand high cross block to grabbing back fist strike combos going down the drain.

  3. drfistface says:

    Welcome back– This would have been better with some commentary- I am unclear on what I am supposed to be learning. I suspect the point is "this is what self defense is "supposed" to look like

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