FTF Sparring – The 8 Blocks

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19 thoughts on “FTF Sparring – The 8 Blocks

  1. Nuclear Waste says:

    This looks like sub par muay thai blocking with a few good ideas here and there, but some really stupid ones to. Like you should rarely ever block cross your body, especially with kicks. You should also never cover your eyes when blocking, if you cant see, you cant fight period.

    there is no need to reinvent the wheel. just learn some boxing and muay thai and use their blocking styles. worked for them so it should work for you.

    P.S. if you modify those forearm blocks and turn them into strikes with more angle and body movement, they can actually be useful for blocking haymakers. I actually used it successfully in sparring full contact and had guys use it on me successfully. And my instructor used it successfully in a street fight. What makes TMA techniques useless is that they are outdated and no longer serve the original purpose they were meant to, but with modifications and experiments they can serve new purposes in some situations. Point is dont fix what isnt broken (muay thai/boxing) and modify what is (TKD).

  2. Texan PlayeR says:

    there are 2 blocks I don't agree about, maybe you can teach me about their practical use that I may not have noticed.
    First, in the case of straight punch to the face, why should you parry by covering your whole face with both of your hands? Because firstly, your view is blocked for a blink time, enough for the opponent to fool you and go for a hook or high kick, not to mention the pain you might have to endure on your arms with a furious, powerful punch. Imagine the pain of it without boxing gloves… wouldn't it be more practical to just push the straight punch to the side with one hand (deflect in other words) and have your free arm for a nice punch on your opponent?
    Second, why block kicks with your chin? imagine fighting a pro thai boxer, your leg will get broken in an instant… I thought of kicking the kick back instead, with the palm of your foot.
    what do you think?

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