FrontLine Krav Maga – Posturing knife attack ( Knife Defense )

Go to for more information. A brief video lesson showing one Israeli Krav Maga tactic for dealing with an assailant …

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  1. FrontlineKravMaga says:

    Samuel, if you mean blind ambushes then I say you have slim or no chance. If you see it coming last second then reaction and training increases your odds but still treacherous attack to deal with. I think I have this on my youtube when knife attack by surprise. I will have to look. Again, thank you for commenting.

  2. FrontlineKravMaga says:

    Thank you for commenting Samuel. This is one level of a knife confrontation. You maybe didn't absorb my first minute of explanation or I didn't explain it well. There are threat, posture, attack and blind ambush. If you don't think posturing is real you have never seen a surveillance camera of a mugging with a knife or a knife deployed for battle. I test these scenarios with my top students. If you have better reply to posture I am interested in learning. Tossing and item can help.

  3. FrontlineKravMaga says:

    "Tends" to is the operative word. But Mewarmor is right. For 17 yrs. I have those taught weapon defenses right from the start. It is just as easy to teach a weapon defense as a choke release. But I teach extremely fast. That said, how to use a weapon can be taught just as soon but I NEED to know who I am teaching before doing so. Important is knowing the person and motivation. The 9/11 hijackers were taught how to use a knife right away. Some level of screening prior to this should be used.

  4. mewarmo990 says:

    Krav maga taught in a civilian environment tends to focus on self defense and so weapons training doesn't come up until you are at a fairly advanced level. Military and law enforcement KM includes these (baton, knife, rifle, etc) as part of standard training.

  5. FrontlineKravMaga says:

    This is a great video and learning lesson RBT. No doubt as I always concur that a knife attack is the most dangerous attack anyone will face. At best extremely problematic. Consistent in the attacks shown the defender mostly retreats. In my bursting vid I try to present attacking the attacker to short circuit the following strikes. Even still it is a task of great difficulty. Thanks for the send out RBT.

  6. FrontlineKravMaga says:

    @sniper244 Biting, ear ripping, eye gouging etc are all part of Krav Maga. If close quarters absolutely can be used. This scenario makes biting from 5 ft. away quite difficult. This strategy is an entry to get close, deploy a weapon or take off running. Thanks for commenting.

  7. sniper244 says:

    I know there are many communicable diseases out there, but keep in mind, you are never "unarmed". A good bite to the face, shoulder, arm or hand will help get the knife out of service. The attacker is going to freak out when you close and try everything they can to use the knife. You need to get the attention away from the weapon on on to some intense pain. The natural movents of the intended cutting will usually cause a release of your grip. Punching and kicking can be ignored sometimes. JMO.

  8. FrontlineKravMaga says:

    @Gumbi1012 Agreed the most dangerous. Guns dangerous but easy. Gumbi, I have tested and test all I teach against my best and strongest over the years. Some grabs, weapon defenses etc pose varying degrees of risk. Nothing to me poses a greater or higher amount of risk than knife in motion as I have said. That said, this tactic is on youtube because I feel from this testing it is the best strategy in this scenario where the attacker is posturing prior to his movement.

  9. Gumbi1012 says:

    Getting in close is very important for control, but disarming/disabling the attacker may take more than a few seconds. Running away/Picking up a weapon are always better options, I agree there.

  10. Gumbi1012 says:

    @FrontlineKravMaga It's a difficult situation, indeed – the MOST dangerous of all attacks. (Gun attacks are threats in general and are much easier to deal with). It is hard to elaborate on paper, but first, I do agree that a purely defensive response is not the best option. That said, getting in close with a distracting strike is not as easily said as done when an aggressive assailant is waving a knife at you. It is worth mentioning that a situation with a knife might not be over in 10 seconds.

  11. FrontlineKravMaga says:

    @Gumbi1012 There is no safe option against a knife attack. As I mentioned in the other reply,,, your best plan of action is to take the attacker off their plan and get them defensive as quickly as possible to escape or control. No easy way against a knife attack. Again, thinking you can defensively react cleanly and effective will get you killed.

  12. FrontlineKravMaga says:

    @Gumbi1012 With all due respect, a defensive response means the attacker has the huge advantage of action beats reaction. To defend against an edged weapon moving fast & can change direction & angle in a split second you will find your recommendation a sure ride to the hospital or morgue. Attack if you can't run or pick up a weapon is the best option. Search here my bursting against knife. Same attacking mentality. thanks for posting. To Me anything against a moving knife is difficult at best.

  13. Gumbi1012 says:

    I would recommend staying your distance and waiting for the attack to occur so that you can appropriately respond. (The distance that you would have made gives you the necessarytime to react). Of course that reaction might involve a simultaneous strike and block, but it's all very dependant on the situation at hand.

  14. Gumbi1012 says:

    If the attacker is ready to stab/slash, I don't think "taking the initiative" and attacking in order to distract is generally the safest option. (Of course, I can't speak for all situations, there are 101 scenarios if one wishes to get specific about every detail). See below for more

  15. Gumbi1012 says:

    @InterCityNew Agreed – But unless you're involved in drugs/gangs or some such, it's likely that you'll only face a knife in a "threat" situation or a situation whereby there is some form of tension and a fight is waiting to happen, in which case you must be ready and aware. In these situations, the knife is still extremely dangerous, but more manageable than those situations you mentioned.

  16. Gumbi1012 says:

    Good video again. Your prioritizing in this situation is very important as you said. I fully agree with that. (1. Run away, 2 Pick up something to defend yourself with, 3 Defend only if you must).

  17. FrontlineKravMaga says:

    @InterCityNew I can't believe I never saw your critique. Simply put…you are wrong. Trust me. Watching on a video is far different than when this is put on you without knowledge of what is coming. Action beats reaction. Only someone with super speed viewing powers on youtube caould do what you say.

  18. FrontlineKravMaga says:

    @1WehrmachtSoldat I know a simple mind like yours expects I would delete your comment. I am happy a low life loser like you posted something like this. It shows others how empty and jealous of Jews a creep like you is. Your parents obviously were losers and passed on the gene to you. That is what really makes you hate Jews. You see them a scuccessful whether it is true or not knowing you never will be.Thanks for posting. If ever here please feel free to train in my class. Regards, Rick

  19. FrontlineKravMaga says:

    @darkmacry Davy, first off, RM has trained with us and yes he does know what you are doing. That said it shouldn't matter because you have a couple options. From what you showed me the other day, RM was keeping the knife (pen) back and away and purely waiting for you to attack. I will show you what you are doing wrong next class. It will take me too much to explain here.

  20. FrontlineKravMaga says:

    @deceptivepanther Your point is valid although in this instince it is necessary to get to the target as directly as possible. Too big a move without having the time to retract the leg quickly will hinder the objective to disrupt the knife wielder. The one leg theory you present is in play whether you make contact or not. If one is quick enough to retract the leg no problem. As a side note whenever kicking the leg must retract quickly to move to whatever direction you must with control.

  21. Ian P says:

    As he is feinting with his kick he is by definition standing on one leg and can no longer manoeuver or gain an angle to resist any oncoming energy. The best way to feint is always to try to connect, your shot only becomes a feint therefore when you miss.

  22. FrontlineKravMaga says:

    Geenius, it is possible that speed alone can be effective with just the strike. Action beats reaction. But,since we may not know what skill level an attacker has, sometime buying a little insurance may be the prudent way to go. Thanks for posting.

  23. IzzoTrainingSystems says:

    I think my only wish is you would adapt your verbage…instead of "only" or "never" or "always" realize that fighting is chaos and in chaos there is no absolute. I will be glad to promote your systems in my videos.

  24. IzzoTrainingSystems says:

    Rick! YES YES YES!!! Thank you! You now see my point! By "adaptation or modification" you realize that YOU are not the SYSTEM!!! If Rick Seid fights Dominick Izzo and kicks his ass, does that mean Krav Maga was better than Wing Chun? NO! It means Rick is better than Dominick! The end result is the same…to TEACH WOMEN HOW TO DEFEND THEMSELVES! Your dispute is technique…technique without passion is farse. Ask any mother who has no training as see her ability. Excellent job sir!

  25. FrontlineKravMaga says:

    Part 2 When teaching or developing responses for Women / Kids and LE there are adaptations that need be considered. The officer is loaded down with weapons, vest etc, women not as strong as men, a disadvantage which also can be an advantage if used appropriately as I posted to your vid, kids the same. That was my point from the start. I like your dedication and spirit. That is why I posted originally. Thanks for the kind words. Post and keep in touch.

  26. FrontlineKravMaga says:

    I have had the benefit of training in a few systems. Some of what I have incorporated or developed in my programs are principles from those as JKD & some just by trial and error. I test at full speed all I teach against my strongest & best students against random attacks to respond under pressure without hesitation. Even some of my Krav tactics I have modified through such testing. Wing Chun has many great principles as I mentioned. One being the attack while defending concept. go to Part 2.

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