Frontline Krav Maga 3rd party Knife threat rescue

Sr. Frontline Krav Maga Instructor and new instructor Mike Witcoff assist me in presenting a solution to a very high risk situation.

8 thoughts on “Frontline Krav Maga 3rd party Knife threat rescue

  1. mrdeeds82 says:

    @FrontlineKravMaga Hey thanks for ur speedy responce.. since what happened my friend is a changed man TBH. he's almost completly withdrawn from society and generally doesnt venture outside his house much but physcially he has made a full recovery.. But from speaking to him about the attack all he could clearly tell me was he didnt feel being stabbed until after the altercation. but he collapsed his lung and was in a bad way. Keep teaching these techniques though my friend there ultra realistic.

  2. FrontlineKravMaga says:

    @mrdeeds82 Thank you again for your comment. I will try to shoot a video clip dealing with your description of the attack on your friend. I am happy to hear he survived. One additional point. The body can take stabs so long as a vital organ is not hit. If stabbed one must keep fighting as ferociously as possible.

  3. FrontlineKravMaga says:

    I spend more time than anything else teaching knife defenses because how dangerous this attack is. That said, there is an advantage knowing when you are up against a knife but as your friend shows that we don't always see it. Our tactics against punches are basically the same as knife defense just for this reason. If I understand correctly, based on the punches to the chest we would have redirected & counter attacked as if it was a punch. Very dangerous anytime a knife is in play. Thx 4 the post

  4. mrdeeds82 says:

    Hey awesome video my friend but i have a question regarding something that happened to a good friend of mine a few year ago in Amsterdam. he was robbed and stabbed by a man who as a weapon use a 3 inch long very thin electrical screw driver. he was stabbed 7 times and nearly died from his injuries. Cctv shows my m8 being punched in the chest. u just couldnt make out his weapon is was so small. my friend at the time thought he was just being punched too. smaller knives or picks

  5. FrontlineKravMaga says:

    @flashart Hi Flashart, hitting their hand is not something I would consider. Too high risk and much greater margin for error. Even thought this is an extremely high risk scenario, the tactic is pretty easy to perform in a very effective way. Just don't telegraph the move and be very explosive. Try it with a couple training partners. you will see so long as you don't tip your move action will beat reaction. Thanks for commenting.

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