Front kick defense using TenShin Aikido’s Iriminage #takingaikidoback

If you want to learn how to do aikido iriminage than this is the video for you! Here lenny sly sensei of the #roguewarriors training compound Teaches us the …

13 thoughts on “Front kick defense using TenShin Aikido’s Iriminage #takingaikidoback

  1. Haragei Lucid says:

    your videos are getting better. the intro was cool; exciting and professional. the topic and technique were interesting and you didnt go on a 20 minute rant lol youre one of the only aikido people that i see who is really working on training aikido for real life attacks and i respect that. thanks for the upload, best wishes

  2. Travis Johnson says:

    Great stuff! A straight in entry to the Irimi Nage is explosive as well, YES!!! it is a real scary breakfall to take especially from the Tenshin application! That one took years to really do it safely, lots of sore necks on the way, but in the street, a phenomenal end game technique, they will not get up for a long long time! I did it to someone trying to punk me at a 7eleven minimart, because he was harrassing my niece, when he tried to throw a jab, I slammed him with it hard, we walked away, he couldnt breathe and was bleeding from the back of his head from the impact on the concrete, I knew it was right, he was still holding his neck in agony, when people criticize Aikido, I always tell them, it depends who is doing it!

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