Friday The 13th The Game – Fighting Jason Tips and Tricks

Here’s some tips and tricks on how to take on Jason and survive. Good luck! Follow me on twitch!

35 thoughts on “Friday The 13th The Game – Fighting Jason Tips and Tricks

  1. Lit gamer says:

    Holy shit hes telling me what not to do. DoNt TRaP BeHInd THe DoOr. DONT USE COMBAT STANCE? BRO U NEED THE FAST ATTACK PERK.

    Nice vid tho everything else is nice nice

  2. SquirrelXSquad says:

    I love walking around the long tables and he never ever gets me, one time i played ring around the rosie around a coffee table and i wasted 14 minutes of his time and by then everyone escaped

  3. Punk Kid says:

    I fuckin love playing Adam he's so op with thick skin n medic perk n the stunt increase n I can finish fixing fuse fox before Jason wake up from knock out he's so op so useful to watch ur teammates back n help them escape but honestly I only help my teammates not myself

  4. Huggo Weaver says:

    Some people complain like Jason is too strong and as soon as he grabs you that you die but think about it.. It's much better and more like the movies! Barely anyone survives in a horror movie, maybe 1 or 2 survivors.. It's a hard game, it's not easy and I find even if your good you have a decent chance in dying.. that's the fun of it!
    Don't play it and complain if you think it's too hard!

  5. Opiate Holidays says:

    Sometimes when you drop the car keys by the car, some random will run by and decide that he wants to leave with the car, and he'll run all the way to the end of the map only to be killed by Jason like a complete idiot. Leaving you having to go and retrieve them, all the while Jason has only become stronger and there are now fewer councillors on the map as well, leaving you as a very visible target.

    I hate the people that do that. And same with the phone fuse, some people will see that it's been left DIRECTLY INFRONT of the box and they still carry it around with them.

  6. Cronkeyy YT says:

    9:10 that won’t work so good if Jason has entered ”Rage Mode”. Because then he can just run through and smash all the doors and if ur unlucky and ur standing right behind the door you will get smushed with the door by Jason.

  7. Giancarlo says:

    I know I'm late asf, but I would like to thank you for your Friday the 13th tips n tricks videos you have provided for us. I've been doing a lot more better in online battles thanks to you. I appreciate it bro.

  8. FreeTv says:

    This is for noobs or ppl that grab shit and dont know what to do drop items near objectives or pick it up and hold down on the d pad to drop main item so everyone sees it on the map

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