Free Plans To Build Your Own DIY Portable Shooting Bench!

This is a quick video demo of a really cool ambidextrous portable shooting bench that was made on a CNC machine out of 1 single sheet of 3/4″ plywood.

27 thoughts on “Free Plans To Build Your Own DIY Portable Shooting Bench!

  1. Dicky Wyer says:

    I built one yesterday, £20 for a sheet of 18mm ply, a circular saw, jig saw and a straight edge, good to go.  One thing I noticed on the measurements though, the notches and holes for the seat don't line up.  not an issue, as I caught it quickly enough.

  2. tcbink says:

    Built one and finished it yesterday out of scrap plywood from a job I did. So the only thing this cost me was some time and electricity. The bench is awesome and much better then the benches at the local shooting range. Thanks for the video and plans, two thumbs up.

  3. Nils S says:

    Thanks for the plans guys! I built my own last summer with pretty basic hand power tools. I had a crappy jigsaw, circular saw, and drill with rotary sanding pads to use. The measuring was difficult as I was using a 40cm/16inch school ruler for making straight-ish lines and a measuring tape. Pretty crude as I didn't have proper construction tools for drawing straight lines on wood. I had to do a lot of fitting with the notches and cutouts to get everything to fit. I used a dremel to sand inside the notches for better fit. The finish isn't the greatest but it is functional.

  4. Robert Wilson says:

    Just built my own bench from your plans. I'm proud of it. Cut the whole thing out with a jigsaw. I tried to use a skill saw for straight cuts, but was just as easy to stay with the jigsaw. Thank ya'll for the plans. I have a shooting backstop located on my back property, so I was needing a stable platform for zeroing my rifles. Thanks again for your video.


  5. Wise Student says:

    Call me a dummy. But I looked on both of your web sights for the plans for the Shooter's Bench and found nothing….I would love to build this bench if you can help me,
    Flyfisher0001@gmail Thanks

  6. James henderson says:

    love the bench made one the other day made it too tight though had to use a rubber mallet to get it together but that's ok it wont be taken any where its for my range. I coated it with deck sealer so it will sit out till winter get here.. Thanks for sharing the plans

  7. tgsparky says:

    This thing is great…Put one together on the weekend…The best…A mate is trying to get it CNC Machined…I found that you could not put the slots in the table top and just get 4 latches to hold the table down…

  8. Malcolm Billing says:

    Hi Guys, Just looked at your shooting bench. It's BRILLIANT. I'm very interested in building one my self but can't seam to find the plans? Can you help. Thanks very much. All the very best, Malc in the UK

  9. DonInAlabama says:

    No prob, saw so many people looking for the link. I'm getting a piece of plywood this weekend to make one of these! Just hope I can get the slots tight enough so it won't wobble all over the place when my fat butt gets on it.

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