Free Homestudy Course for Instructors (and ninja wannabee’s)

Special thanks to ChosunNinja, his army of meat puppets (both men and women) and that what he calls nintaijutsu for the inspiration. Martial Arts and self …

9 thoughts on “Free Homestudy Course for Instructors (and ninja wannabee’s)

  1. Carlos Hafner says:

    Matrix! Really Matrix! hahaha man u are so funny but it sure does really ralisticly imitate gregsmoves
    Absurd OMG honestly im really craking up with this vid
    Beng! The Bucket haha ones of gregs clasics,hes lucky his students arent too comited like u says
    Kicking the Bucket haha
    second horsing was ok spining backfist,if that lands properly its goooodnight

    just like that haha CUUUUUUUT

  2. Sifu Michael says:

    Well should he/she post more of that "kicking the bucket"-crap, I might see me debunk those. I'm not going to do anything with her fainting vids though. You have to leave them something. 🙂

  3. Sifu Michael says:

    I wouldn't call that a response. And where do I call myself a master? The time of slavery in Europe is long gone last time I checked. Besides most of my students call me by my first name and even the greeting ritual with my senior students occur in a circle because I do not want to be placed above them.
    Little Miss Meat Puppet and the Great Korean Monkey Chicken are in for a ride. I'm just getting warmed up!

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