47 thoughts on “Fred Mastro | Mastro Defence System | Training Highlights

  1. Grey Mealer says:

    LOL. I am loving all the morons who think that this guy would be easy to beat. You know what most of the main people featured on this channel do/did for a living, right? And any MMA fighter with a brain would cross the street to avoid these guys.

  2. Send it! says:

    I wonder how many of those passing negative comments about this whole thing are actual fighters, have actually been in a100% genuine life and death fight (not a fight just to see who can win and has the most fancy moves) where everything else has gone tits up, where you have no weapon or buddy to rely on. I have and came out ok, not a winner, but more importantly, I didn't fucking lose, that's the difference these ignorant commentators will NEVER understand. To Fred, Ryan and everyone else at FT, thanks guys.

  3. Gewgulkan Suhckitt says:

    I thought this was going to be some very, very sexy martial arts moves with lots of hot chicks. The instructor was supposed to be like Patrick Swayze in "Dirty Dancing", but with martial arts instead. I'm so disappointed.

    Maybe have a line like, "Nobody puts Baby in a submission hold in the corner."

  4. Aostin 77 says:

    I'm 28 y.o. I'm 6'0, about 175 llbs. I have some street fighting experience, although the last sober fight I was in was 10 years ago. I have boxed and done BJJ a little bit with my friends. I got a crash course in boxing by an Ex-Pro that lasted about 3 weeks. I also took lessons on grappling and striking at an MMA gym for 3 months. I lift weights and hit the heavy bag regularly.

    My point is, I have more experience than some, but I'm certainly far from a pro or someone that's been training for years. However, if the guy in the video came at me fighting like that, I would knock him the fuck out.

  5. Kelly Lindsey says:

    Professional martial warfare practitioners understand a key rule during any combative situation and that is to keep the battle as short as possible while afflicting the most damage. You have 25 seconds to commit to either staying alive or fleeing. That is all .
    Most of these comments from trolls or enthusiasts are simply fear of gaining pertinent knowledge. Fear of understanding tactical unchoreographed movements. MMA is limited as you all know. These tactics are not choreographed and should be taken seriously. Remember the wind does not ask if it should become a gust or a tornado, the wind simply surrounds you, touching all points without your permission.

  6. mattsuito says:

    i did train in paris under mastro 's student vandenberghe a few years ago and i can tell you this style is very very effective and realistic , i mean the way they understand street technic is real and believe me i've been doing a lot of martial art.this silat is the bomb believe me.try it

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