26 thoughts on “Fred Mastro | Mastro Defence System | Reactionary Gap

  1. James Cook says:

    It is simple, the rules are say ok then defend yourself. The highest level of defense is to get your attack in before they do. You have a knife, your hands are dropped the distance to his stomach is shorter then to your throat simultaneously lunge sideways and slash or stab his stomach. The instance you say ok. Or kick the knee and stab. I would Love to see someone do this to him. Where was he on the lessons of control. He's smacks the shit out of his students, who are not sufficiently trained to defend themselves.

  2. Ismael Apo linar Moran says:

    the chances of getting slashed is high because he is practically waiting to be slashed. kali defense is totally absent; hands on guard and not covering the distance of the opponent. It should be a different outcome otherwise.

  3. daldude says:

    good point from a self defense perspective. However, a note of caution: repeated hits like this on the neck can cause a dissection of the carotid artery which in turn can lead to potentially fatal stroke. Please don´t do this without a padding to anyone.

  4. 7.62x39 says:

    why block unblockable? he is standing there like stone, move, get up your shoulder to protect neck. He will attack again and again, you must move and attack. Block never save you. In knife fight never win without stabs wounds but your opponent must lay down dead. Or you are dead.

  5. Liu Hui says:

    I knew the outcome of this before they started to play the game: you cannot block or defend a blow (knife or not) from someone who is already past your safe distance. No matter what your reflexes or fighting experience is.
    This is why so many martial arts fail on the street: not that the technique is bad, just impossible to apply at this range.
    Good video to show this.

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