50 thoughts on “Fred Mastro | Mastro Defence System | MDS | Technique Compilation

  1. DAWX PARKER says:

    This is all loads of rubbish, the enemy wont be all relaxed like this when you in a fight lmfao, eg, walking down the street and you get jumped by someone you dont really have the time to think of what bullshit move you gonna use but before you know youre kissing the floor lol

  2. Dustin Adams says:

    This is probably good to train in because it offers a lot in the way of close-quarters combat, helpful for run-of-the-mill fights at a bar, the county fair, etc. HOWEVER, the training lacks sparring (please don't tell me the techniques are too dangerous for sparring: I heard the same thing in Kung Fu San Soo; total nonsense). People in the real world don't throw slow, pillow punches and let you react at full speed. Not the way it works. Learn what you can. Just don't be naive.

  3. Kensen says:

    The problem with this pseudo self-defense systems is that people goes to 1or 2 seminars where they teach them some magical techniques that always work. But if for some reason they really have to use it in a real situation they take a hell of a beating or worse.. If you really want to learn self defense you have to train constantly (1 time per week at least) a real martial art or combat sport.. Secret ninja techniques do not work unless you are a trained tough motherf***

  4. heywhatsup65 says:

    Any time you see a combo or anytime the next strike is dependent on the opponent falling or moving in a certain direction it's bullshit. It's simple, go watch a choreographed Kung-fu movies, any Jackie Chan film will do, if the move sequence resembles or reminds you of a Kung-fu movie then its fucking bullshit. The one handed instant arm snaps, the weird funny looking hold to "Control" the opponent, turning his arm around to make him stab himself all bullshit. They are obviously strong guys but they are doing movie stuff on willing participants. You're not going to break anyone's arms with those flimsy moves, there is not enough leverage to apply sufficient force and your opponent is not going to stand or lay still while you try it. Just skip to 2:46 and it sums up the absurdity of this video, ask a friend to let you hold him like that and then ask him to break free, you try your hardest to "Control him" in that stupid ass position, see how much "Control" you have. This is a scam just like Systema.

  5. EivinSukoi says:

    Stop whining like little karate kempo bitches used to score with the xtra " Barely touch me point " . This is a good example of close combat . I've been involved in aikido , karate , tae Kwan do , and now mma , but since I got injured n my knees this will be a good way to fuck someone up without having to move too much . I was exploring wing Chung , and came across this , I will look into it , very interested .

  6. Antoine VENTO says:

    je veux pas vous décevoir mais dans la rue sa se pas comme ça faut arrêter de rêver et revenir sur terre , I do not want to disappoint you but in the street its not like it must stop dreaming and return to earth

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