Fred Mastro | Mastro Defence System | MDS | LIVE BLADE DEMO

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33 thoughts on “Fred Mastro | Mastro Defence System | MDS | LIVE BLADE DEMO

  1. marcusMA says:

    Well , to me , of course you would have to feel the situation of being there in person to find out what it feels like. You don r k ow unless you are there. I done know. Hence , would live to attend a seminar via Fred Mastro.

  2. cedric de pousargues du parsat says:

    pas malin de faire une démo avec un vrai couteau on sais jamais ,le petit regard de doug pas rassurer quand même à fred .
    même si fred est très bon pas intelligent si jamais des jeune essai de reproduire cela et qu'il ce loupe sa fait un mort et un emprisonner à vie.

  3. HermCorps says:

    Great video…love learning new def. techniques from this channel. BTW, big thank u to this guy who took all these hits so we can learn how to be a lil more effective when it comes to defense.

  4. Scott Grow says:

    Dude, brother, how do you like being a meat puppet for these guys? They are constantly and nonchalantly beating your ass at 25%! I suppose it's good body hardening, though.

  5. Shawn Pettit says:

    Funker Tactical has some great content, but I cringe every time you guys do a video with Fred Mastro. This guy is a #1 douche bag and his "techniques" are a joke and only effective if your attacker is in a coma and standing still. (which is true about 90% of edged weapon specialist) However this guy takes the stupidity to a whole new level. Come on Funker, you can do better.

  6. ElectricBlueSRT says:

    this video is no different than videos showing a woman beating up two guys. you're leading ignorant people to believe that this will actually work. I've sat on patients 5 deep for 45 minutes as they fight through IM after IM to the point where they are fighting with their eyes closed. yeah maybe I go to your class and you knee my nerve cluster and I drop a stick, but I have no motivation to harm anyone and I am not on any drugs. you're going to get people hurt. Doug you should be ashamed of yourself for letting this air. I know we are all trying to make money and get those YouTube hits but not like this.

  7. profd65 says:

    These techniques may or may not be good, I don't know. But I can tell you as someone who was mugged at gunpoint years ago, when a guy has a deadly weapon pointed at you it's difficult to do anything but comply with his demands. Now, perhaps I'm just a pussy, but I was scared shitless and there was no thought in my mind of resisting. I had taken some karate and knew a disarm (which was total BS, but I didn't know that at the time), but it never once occurred to me to try to use it. I guess my point is that it would very psychologically difficult to do anything but follow the instructions of an armed mugger, and also physically difficult, because the psychological affects the physical. This is a long way of saying: just give him your money.

  8. Zayit says:

    Gotta give it to Doug Marcaida balls of steel to have someone put a knife to his throat and not even flinch this is why I aspire to be as skilled as him

  9. Bosingr says:

    2:00 He's moving too fast for me to see what he's doing, but is he(Fred)just poking the guy to the back of his neck with his thumb? I wish he'd do it in slow motion so we could see with what exactly he's  hitting him and the exact spot of that nerve on his neck. Also, I'd like to see Doug doing that since he's the one with a "knife" at his throat. 5:25 Ok, now it's getting dangerous!!! I hope the guy being demonstrated on has disability insurance. And that Doug has life insurance!

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