Fred Mastro | Mastro Defence System | Choke Defense

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48 thoughts on “Fred Mastro | Mastro Defence System | Choke Defense

  1. Tyler Nash says:

    That's cool what happens when you're getting choked in any sort of practical way? Oh yeah you go to sleep because your entire style is bs and you train for nonexistent scenarios, and you DO NOT learn how to fight

  2. keyboardbeats says:

    I tried this and it works like a charm, if done quickly enough you can injure the students wrist or thumb or fingers so please use caution especially if they have a strong grip around your neck

  3. Sam Valentine says:

    People shouldn't be surprised with how easy it is to escape such a choke hold. This is a hold that only untrained people use and there are lots of ways to escape it, like the first technique that he referred to as "ninja."

    That technique works, but he wasn't performing it correctly. He was doing it slowly and using muscular strength to separate the choker's arms. In reality that motion is very quick. You're almost striking the inside of the arms. Same concept as breaking a wrist grab: you play to the weak part of the grab in between the fingers and thumb.

    You could also grab the choker's wrists and use your leg to push off of their hips, or another part of their body that has more leverage depending on their height in relation to yours. Hell, you could also kick them in the groin or stomp on their toes, depending on their footwear.

    I'll still try out this technique sometime, but I have a feeling it would be the last one that I'd ever actually use.

  4. Gyrkin says:

    Il est très bien; il a raison, mais il y a quelque des autres que vont marche bien aussi. Seule un digit … under the Adam's Apple, et il vont être finis aussi, pour example. Tout le meme, n'aimes plus ce homme. Merci !

  5. Zoltan Csikos says:

    To sum up this video:

    1. Idiot talking shit just to make him look more credible, as well as just being an ignorant moron naturally.

    2. A waste of time, since that technique takes 5 seconds to show, not several minutes. Probably another fake ass instructor in it for the easy cash.

  6. Piticris capri says:

    Very nice training master Fred, but in the reality maybe we cannot stay calm enoughf to aply all the learn in class………; the class can be as realistyc as possible, but we feel always safe………, it is not a tension situation………, the reaction will be different in the street………

  7. 808Fdup says:

    want to know how to defend that stupid ass choke that no one will ever do again in this mma era…

    you step back to plant your feet and wing your inner knuckle hook toward the temple, he will either get his and let go or move his head and let go.

  8. 808Fdup says:

    This guy is a fucken joke!!! lol

    let me do techniques on you clowns when you are chillen, completely relaxed and at class "learning" i bet it will hurt, but put this fucker in a rear naked choke and squeeze for your life his stupid ass defense techniques will not work. why, cuz id fucken body slam this fucker while in the choke ahaha

  9. Highkick44 says:

    Yes that works very good. I train some Kids to do this in our lesson hours for self defense in Germany. Thank you for that simple but effectfull help. best regards to a great instructor

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