Fred Mastro | Back Against The Wall Technique

NEW CHANNEL: Funker Martial Arts You’re against a wall being getting choked. You’re about to get punched in the face! What do you do? Fred Mastro offers an …

25 thoughts on “Fred Mastro | Back Against The Wall Technique

  1. GunDog Jr. says:

    These guys are too soft.
    I would simply leap into the air causing his hands to let go, then aim a front kick at his nose, sending him reeling back, and laying lifeless in the dirt. Then I would hammer fist him into oblivion. Then I would disembowel and eat him. Then I would poop him out. Then hammerfist the poop into oblivion. Then hammerfist oblivion into a parallel universe wherein is only hammerfisting.

  2. Dan Tribble says:

    i watch Mastro videos to learn something because a lot of it is good content – i really dislike the way he treats training partners – many of us train hard, i get it, but totally not cool or necessary to use so much force over and over and over again – please Mastro, let us see you on the receiving end of some of this… Respectfully, Not your training dummy

  3. says:

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    cordialement Mehdi

  4. Viral Playz says:

    I think I just broke somebody's arm with the first move in the video I hope he's okay cause he went to the hospital. Man i think a bit before doing something like that. I should just do it when someone starts attacking me.

  5. Tomi says:

    I don't buy this at all … It's never that easy it's always some resistance and you need to compensate with a strike or something. Highly suspicious of this.

  6. Kekoa Kawakami says:

    Bro interesting technique but what's with the instructor? Dude is going a little hard for a demonstration and am I the only one that some contempt in his eyes when he would put someone down? He would have a second or two where he looked like he wanted to fuck somebody up

  7. mordi 1 says:

    No disrispect sir but, I tried this in class and it didn't work . I asked a guy to try to choke me (my size ) and what he did was use a full extended arm choke pushing me against the wall with locked elbows.I'm pretty strong but I was unaible to break the hold using this technique.I asked my partner why he used outstreched hands and he said "I dont want to get a knee inthe balls "

  8. Chad Dixon says:

    Not sure about that move. What caused him to fall down? Fighting is physics, force against force, joint manipulation, centers of gravity. We all learned these basics. So what caused him to fall down?

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