Fred Mastro | An Interview with Funker Tactical

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19 thoughts on “Fred Mastro | An Interview with Funker Tactical

  1. USNVA says:

    Wow, this is spooky. The man is obviously a bad ass with fighting skills, but the shadowing of his eyes makes him appear to be a Grim Reaper. I'd hate to mess with this guy in bad lighting.

  2. james pisano says:

    Of course he's right. Because there's a difference between fighting and violence, or sport and violence. Even a "bar fight" might not be violence, if the guy is only trying to "best" you, or show he is better or superior, where he will keep fighting you until you give up. It all comes down to intention (and ability). Fighting becomes violence when the intention is to kill or grievously damage you and the person has the ability to do so. There are other factors, for example, if someone presents a weapon and asks for your wallet, is that violence? What if he doesn't intend to use the weapon, but only wants to scare you? I don't think in this case, it is violence. That said, it can be difficult to know what the guy's intentions are, so you have to make a choice, comply or fight. In most cases, its better to lose some money than risk actual violence. Certainly, in a ring, with rules, where the intention is to "win," there is no violence. Only violence calls for the response Mr Mastro is alluding to.

  3. The Elephant Man says:

    Why's Shane Fazen laying down in the thumbnail and the topic isn't even really addressed? I hope that's not some sort of insult, because I feel like Shane has given more to the self defence community then a good lot of these guys.

  4. R. Invictus says:

    So Mastro you always have a knife on you? Why don't you show us how good you are in an RL street-fight ? without knifes of course coz if you bring knife the other guy brings an Kalashnikov LoL!

  5. Jimmy Möhg says:

    fred will not get into steet fights unless he is attacked and if he is attacked he will killu he will not box u or grapple with u he will gut u like fish. that's what he means by "survive".

  6. IanDinBC says:

    There's 1 rule in a knife fight
    1) everyone bleeds – a lot, so avoid it if at all possible

    There's 1 rule in a street fight
    1) there are no rules
    Try the street fight rule in an MMA ring, and you'll get banned for life, MMA is a sport, it's a tough sport, it's a disciplined sport, but it's a sport. Staying alive against someone who wants to kill or maim you is not a sport.

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