FOX Karambit Knife Tips and Tricks Video – Watch it NOW !!!

– Welcome to the Tips and Tricks video where you will be able to get even more of that “edge” of performance from your FOX …

34 thoughts on “FOX Karambit Knife Tips and Tricks Video – Watch it NOW !!!

  1. sigurdr says:

    the Karambit is pretty damn good but the trainer version of this knife that I got with the fox Karambit is the best trainer that I've ever used. it does smart a little though. especially when it hits the knuckles. I don't really leave website reviews or anything, but since I'm on your channel I figured I could let you know that I'm super pleased and look forward to getting the dart and dart trainer. they still come together right?

  2. Jon says:

    I am considering picking up a Fox 479. One thing that concerns me is the lockup on the linerlock. I noticed on the website it said that spine whacking can compromise the lock, how does the lock hold up with real use?

  3. Limes says:

    Some owners report, that the liner lock fails, if you have just a very slight impact on the not sharpened side of the blade, for example, if you try a hit "one o'clock", and then the blade could cut your fingers. Due to this, they say, there was brought up the new model XT. Do you have any experiences with that or do you have a tip how to prevent? I own a 599. Thanks!

  4. specopsbrat says:

    I use 3 in 1 oil. It works for firearms and knives. My grandfather used it,my father used it,so I use it. I brutalized some of my knives and firearms and it has never failed me. You can get it at Ace,Lowes,Home Depot, Walmart, etc..You would be shocked and feel ripped off if you knew what was in all those expensive gun and knife oils.

  5. tengc says:

    I use epoxy in the contact point right where the clip and G10 scale meet. No need to sand the scale. 🙂 I did kind of sand the hardened epoxy though to make it flush with the height of the rest of the scale. For me, the less mods, the better.

  6. jamie sineath says:

    hi lad, I just wanted to say, thanks for the speedy shipping on my replacement, you sent me the smaller size and honestly, it is an amazing adjustment to my previous, I miss the embossed karambit logo of original. but the size is flawless, it fits better than the one that was stolen,

  7. Ethan Ratcliff says:

    Hey I was curious of why you sand the side of your knife? is it so it's easier to whip out of your pocket? I am getting one of these soon and I have been doing my research. thanks in advance!

  8. Hey Mr.Beautiful says:

    I got 2 of these and they are beautifully crafted knives by Italian company, easily deployed and well constructed and well made, but I also wanted to try the Kuku-hanuman from Foxes as well as the Spider Co. karahawlk (Japan Company) which am saving my next pocket money for ^___^, the Karambits is just a very fun self-defence knives to play with as well as having the hoop for both safety grip so it doesnt slides, and you can do many tricks with.

  9. metalmorphist says:

    Good stuff!.  Great that you mention maintenance. I have carried anywhere between 2 & 5 blades at any one time during deployments in bad places. Regular maintenance is a must.  I do use the blue loctite as well.   New subscriber & having a look at your site.  Carry-On 

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