Fox Karambit ( hold it the right way)

Addressing misinformation on the grip of a fox Karambit or karambits in general.

27 thoughts on “Fox Karambit ( hold it the right way)

  1. Doodley Squat says:

    in reality….. that karambit is legal to conceal carry, even in CA. so what if some don't like it? Let them run the risk of going to jail or prison over carrying a traditional one for self defense. carry the fox, and once your done defending yourself legally, you don't go to jail charged with carrying an illegal weapon. folding, blade length, and less deadly look will spare you a year in the clink where they don't have youtube…. lol

  2. Bob McDowell says:

    sixth degree black belt in Kenpo and instructor for forty years. I like the karambit cause it can cause much pain. My students and I carry nothing but a sharp cutting karambit. I use it closed as an impact weapon and easily opens for serious work. I'm small 5'2" with small hands. I can't use the ring, I like not using the ring anyway. I think I could stop an attacker quicker with the karambit than with a straight edge. We use Kenpo empty hand techniques with the karambit. Holding it without the ring, is like holding a regular knife.

  3. MAYH3M0NE says:

    I get your point, your "correct grip" increases your ability to knuckle-dust. However to be fair, throwing hard punches with your "correct grip" puts your wrists in serious danger because they aren't aligned properly and that grip needs work. As a Muay Thai and MMA instructor and former competitor as well as a private military contractor who carried a karambit in Afghanistan, I can tell you that it isn't your fingers you have to worry about breaking, it is your wrists. Simply bending your wrists downwards slightly will ensure that your wrist locks and straightens out upon impact, instead of possibly being bent backwards which could cause you serious injury to your wrists and hands in a high-stress scenario. It can happen to even seasoned professional fighters and it is why fighters wrap their hands. On the street you won't have your hands wrapped so you need to get proper punching technique down. I highly recommend you start taking some boxing or muay thai if you think you might punch in a self-defense scenario, with or without a karambit. Also, the Fox folding karambits are a dodgy choice to be punching with as they have been known to have defective liner locks. I know that there are bound to be some defective models when you're making tens of thousands of knives but I wouldn't bet my life on one. I would get a serious fixed blade karambit from either Derespina, James Coogler, Shadow Tech, or even a Cold Steel Steel Tiger if you're on a budget. Ever since I got my Derespina Model 4 I've never looked back.

  4. Windsor Kid says:

    Watched a former coworker wave one around at lunch and sliced his forearm to the bone. I've trained for a long time in tactical knife fighting and this idiot disabled himself permanently. Train!

  5. Attm K says:

    got a big hand, and it easily takes up the whole handle even if the ring is fully on(can't actually get it on to the end), i get no knife movement whatsoever with the ring being as far up as it can be. but still fun to hold it "the correct way"

  6. Chebby303 says:

    At last! I hope the "fantasist ninja's" etc. watch this…and listen to what is said. The same complainer's also claim the handles of military "knives" like the GLOCK FM 78 , GERLACH WZ. 98, etc. are too long! The handles of both knives are around 5" long.  I think any knife meant  for the military must obviously take the wearing of tactical gloves into account, and, as I understand it, the "FOX" was made for the Italian army's SF. troops. Correct me if I'm wrong!

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