Four Basic Tomahawk Strikes: Combat / Self-Defense Tomahawk Techniques

These are the four basic strikes that one should learn if her or she wishes to use a tomahawk for combat/self-defense. —————————— Every week I try to …

33 thoughts on “Four Basic Tomahawk Strikes: Combat / Self-Defense Tomahawk Techniques

  1. 405wolf says:

    I want to apologize to the young gentleman in the video. When I started watching the video I thought it was going to be a joke but for some reason I felt in my gut I needed to continue watching. I must say young Sir, you did a hell of a job on the video! The way you explained each technique and your layout was spot on. You are definitely a good teacher and quite knowledgeable. Goes to show you don't have to look like tactical Johnny to know tactics. I'm very impressed and I can say it takes a fair amount these days to impress me for what that's forth. Again, I apologize and great job!!

  2. Teresa Gideon says:

    at very close range you can throw it edge up and it will stick handle up very easy to do its very quick and be hard to avoid i get my hawk carry in my car shaving sharp or near it all the time

  3. Victor Glenn says:

    I have a problem with the cut technique , with your thumb extended along the shaft you can expose the thumb . If the shaft was to get hit the force would transcend through the shaft exerting pressure against the thumb which can cause the joint of the thumb to bend and possible break or bruise the tendons ,if this was to happen you would lose your grip ! May I suggest that you choke up on the shaft , you would still have control and your thumb will not be exposed ! What do think ?

  4. MR-FLIP says:

    Rest channel why have I never heard of you ? I swear this youtube shit hides all the great vids …u got a new sub please check out my channel and sub back..thanks

  5. SongDog7 says:

    Very interesting… Gotta love that a bigger guy (which I am unfortunately becoming… gotta jog more) can still wield one of these effectively. One thing I have seen folks do is to use the beard of the hawk to trap/pull/hook your opponent, whether it's their weapon or their wrist, or what have you. what are your thoughts on this? 

  6. Johnny Wishbone says:

    This is the type of guy a trouble maker would walk up to… and get his ass kicked while you told him how sorry you were for stomping him on the side walk… Good, simple, effective, chop sockey!

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