Forging a Fighting Knife with Nick Rossi at NESM

This knife was made in preparation for Nick’s 4 day Basic Bladesmithing class at the New England School of Metalwork in Auburn, Maine. NESM is a nonprofit …

33 thoughts on “Forging a Fighting Knife with Nick Rossi at NESM

  1. Dark Truths says:

    When you forget how good Nick Rossi is after seeing him forge a few years back and then watch this video years later… Comparing his forging to mine is like comparing a jeweler making an awe-inspiring piece and a coked up clown trying to play whackamole with plastic cups and a baseball bat.

  2. LittleJimBridger says:

    Man alive! Shonuf rearranged the molecules in that steel! Put it in a vise, use a cheater bar, bend 90 degrees it'll spring right back, eh??? Is she fast? Balance just forward of hilt? VERY impressive!!!

  3. Eric Donahoe says:

    I am NOT a blacksmith but would one day like to take it up as a hobby. I have to parrot Green Beetle's comment about the people who thumbed down this video, why? I have watched a lot of blacksmithing/knife making videos and have NEVER seen the level of work done on a knife before it gets to the grinder. Nick, you are truly a master craftsman. Thanks for the video.

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