Forged in Fire: Tomahawk Axe and Bowie Knife SHREDS the Final Round (Season 7) | History



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44 thoughts on “Forged in Fire: Tomahawk Axe and Bowie Knife SHREDS the Final Round (Season 7) | History

  1. Kevin Kroll says:

    I love the judges , but knifes you can't have to many ,my granddad said you are not a man without a knife in your pocket ,. So go out and (kill) some thing "" legal"" of course and pray that you have the right to it justice, full knifes are the ones that hurt you !

  2. AeM_De Channel says:

    Bagaimana jika peraturannya dibalik? Peserta diberikan informasi tes apa saja yang akan dilakukan, dan kemudian mereka diberi kebebasan untuk menentukan senjata yang paling sesuai untuk melewati tes tersebut. Saya rasa hal tersebut akan menarik ketika para penempa besi ini memiliki ide-ide untuk melewati tes dengan senjata buatan mereka.

  3. Big Daddy says:

    4:01. That wasn’t a good hit . He came in on the skull, at a bad angle. The tomahawk more like slapped the face with the side of the blade. Then chopped it cause if the way the judge was wielding it.

  4. Safuwan Fauzi says:

    North Native America in US and Canada used rail road spike iron and shape into axe like, they dont used iron. in Mesoamerica only Inca used metal weapon made from Bronze and Copper. for King and noble used Gold spear or weapon. Inca and Peru-Bolivina civization also used body armor, helmet and shoe. they lack only iron, horse and wheel. that it

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