FORCE CONTINUUM PHILOSOPHY: How the Tactical Knife Fits In



A little bit of philosophy on how your tactical knife option fits into defensive purposes. I do have some experience in these but I’m not the end all expert. However …

40 thoughts on “FORCE CONTINUUM PHILOSOPHY: How the Tactical Knife Fits In

  1. ebarnabas says:

    Situational Awareness ==> compact bright flashlight w strobe & kubotan/impact capability ==> OC Spray ==> Primary firearm ==> BUG/Secondary firearm ==> EDC defensive knife ==> EDC utility knife ==> unarmed defense

  2. Lunumbrus says:

    In Canada, it's…similar. You can have knives and things. Carry them even. But god help you if you ever label it as your "defensive" option. Anything carried with the end plan of having it there to use against a person, even in the process of survival/escape, they take serious issue with. It must be a tool, never could a good Canadian want to carry a weapon. :/

  3. PaddleBunk says:

    My request below is for "entertainment purposes only" due to the laws in Canada. I don't care for Canadas protectionist laws/society and am concerned about being able to safely defend myself, my family, and to be a law abiding sheepdog. Thanks Nutn!

  4. PaddleBunk says:

    Great video! I live in Canada Nutn and carry a folding knife as a "tool". Would be interested in more videos regarding philosophy of use/attachment to person/force continuum for folding knives. Attachment to person – I've bent/broken a number of spyderco endura clips getting in and out of truck on steering wheel.

  5. Harley Rose says:

    Lt. Col. David Grossman is a brilliant man. I actually done a report for my police science course about "On Combat". Can't ask for a better source of information on the subject than someone who has 'been there and done that' over an entire lifetime. I still need to read "On Killing" though. My instructor actually invited me to a seminar of his (unfortunately, due to other obligations, I wasn't able to go). From what she says, he is quite an intense man to talk to.

  6. Harley Rose says:

    I guess it is the same reason some people stop at the scene of an accident or decide to go on by, to a degree. Some people are more apt to act while others will freeze or ignore the elephant in the room. Due to very unfortunate circumstances, I've been in a situation like the one in question;While I don't doubt what you are saying, I can only speak for myself and from personal experience. I am not and will not be a statistic and nor will anyone else I am able to help.

  7. Harley Rose says:

    Touche; I don't see a whole lot wrong with the United States current gun laws (other than when the powers-that-be instruct honest dealers to sell to known felons) Not saying you do. To me, however, it just doesn't register how someone could do nothing when it comes to personal defense of that of a loved one.

  8. Harley Rose says:

    any of them; weather you believe in a higher power or not. Hell, it is a basic living being's right to defend itself. Almost everything in nature has a innate defense mechanism. Anyone who says they can't/wont defend themselves of a family member or even an innocent third party is a coward not deserving of knowing the people in question. Don't get me wrong, I get the ideology behind the strict laws pertaining to weapon control, they just don't work. criminals have a predatory mentality

  9. DTKT Defensive Concepts says:

    Depends where your at. Here in Kentucky we have the Castle Doctrine, meaning, if they threaten bodily harm, life, or a family members life, your allowed to stand your ground and defend yourself with deadly force. As long as you are somewhere your supposed to be, like not on the other side of town in the hood just looking for trouble. =]

  10. jbarah05 says:

    @p8ntballer8491 i really do agree u should listen to the crap that antigun liberal come out with stupid shit like "runing away and using ur cell phone is ur best weapon in AS event" truthfully F that crap lets be realistic yes calling the police is a must but when shit hits the fan ur going to wish u had a gun or at least a way of keeping that AS from attacking u or preventing ur escape. am not advocating u trying to act like a hero or a cop but sometimes thats the only way to survive

  11. CScout671 says:

    @44SCB For what it is worth, just the very act of deploying a knife can put you in the hot seat. The general consensus is that you should not deploy your knife unless you intend to use it. A knife should be FELT, not seen and should only be used much in the same way as a gun (as in, only when all other options have been exhausted.) WARNING: should you deploy your knife, go all the way, do not give the perp a chance to use it on you. Then get ready to deal with the law.

  12. 300ml says:

    @fredjustsucks I don't think nutnfancy said anything about employing your body before using a pepper spray. He was more showing what are options and alternatives are.

  13. TheTaoofJKD says:

    The fist is not the greatest weapon, but elbows, knees, and headbutts are gonna work a lot better. This is coming from a martial artists perspective which Nutn I know you are not, but the beauty of elbows, headbutts, and knees are things anyone can do. Just something to keep in mind. Otherwise great points love you vids nutn.

  14. cj4859 says:

    I appreciate all of the videos that ya'll put out. I don't agree with every single thing that comes out of nutnfancy's mouth, but I respect 99% of it. I know you have increased my knowledge and safety level related to firearms. I will hopefully purchase the xdm .40 soon for in-home defense and I appreciate your insight as to the pros and cons with the various weapons you critique.

    Midland, TX

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