Footwork Drill: Kali / Eskrima / Arnis – DO THIS!

Footwork is hands down the most essential skill in Filipino Martial Arts and Weaponry. Don’t want to get hit? Then don’t be there! Learn the beautiful, expressive …

21 thoughts on “Footwork Drill: Kali / Eskrima / Arnis – DO THIS!

  1. Erik Sandved says:

    Developing and adding more elements of movement coordination can never be a bad thing can it?! Expands the functional envelope of the technique I would assume. Also develops brain body connection and cardio development. Allows for new areas of improvisation (skips/shuffles/timing changes) which makes the techniques more fun to train in. Just some thoughts.

  2. Jeph Escueta says:

    AWESOME VIDEO! I'm always looking for any way to improve my footwork and I tried this for a few minutes and all… good stuff!

    You guys are in the Illinois area? Dang… that's awesome! I actually train w/the Nate Defensor guys (but out in the Elmhurst area).

  3. Roy Miller says:

    I think because one naturally rotates in all directions around one's center of gravity, footwork allows one to transport the CoG to the appropriate range so the upper and lower body are able to seize opportunities. The muscle memory of the lower body frees the torso and limbs to deliver the weapon to the target.

  4. RugbyGoth says:

    Why footwork is important?
    Bad footwork = bad placement = weak punches/kicks.
    Bad footwork = bad placement = falling down = death or serious injury in a street fight situation
    Bad footwork = failling in getting out of the line of attack of your opponent = death or serious injury if you are facing a knife or anything sharp!
    Thanks for those videos. I'll join Kali university in a few days!

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