Folding Knife Tiers – Why Are Some Knives SO MUCH MORE Expensive? (LONG Discussion / Ramble)



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25 thoughts on “Folding Knife Tiers – Why Are Some Knives SO MUCH MORE Expensive? (LONG Discussion / Ramble)

  1. kendra jones says:

    i wish you would have gotten the G10 version of the CJRB. All you did was pick it up and beat up on its carbon fiber. you did show it once but you could have instead referred back to it for its great action, drop shut close, and fit & finish. Its a great knife especially for 33 bucks. I'll say this it came better shape than the Hinderer XM-18 i got last week. it came off centered, very sharp flipper tab, and bad detent, hand tuned my ass.

  2. Gorilla Funk says:

    I make custom jewellery & mod knves.
    If I have to explain why to a potential customer why. They are likely not the right customer for me. The reason people come to me is they KNOW why. Put simply life is a shit sandwich. The more bread you got the less shit you have to eat.
    The best true from scratch one off custom anything is where the skill of the craftsman or woman becomes the muse of the client. In effect to create something that is as far as possible perfect for that client. That takes a lot of time skill and money to pay for the finest materials and execute (designing machining, fit & finishing + presentation) them to the best of your ability and your clients total satisfaction.
    That is time consuming and as good craftsmen are not cheap it becomes very expensive. Hand finishing adding the biggest time effort and cost. But you end up with an exclusive one off that is perfect for you.
    Down from that you have what I call pseudo – custom. Where you are given a choice of designs & combinations there of that you can choose from to make your dream whatever.
    Then you have the manufaturers that offer a set line of product that is made to the highest levels of materials fit and finish like Chris Reeve knives and these offer the best bang for buck for quality construction. BUT … they have to sell through world wide distributors that also take a cut thereby reducing value and i creasing cost. This is offset by economies of scale and the efficiency of the manufacturing process.
    Below that but catching up to the CRK's REAL fast is what I think offers the best
    Bang for buck in the world right now for the average knife enthusiast. Reate, WE Lion, Tops etc where you really do get excellent products with effective designs that not only look great with great materials but perform great in their intended function. They do not at least in the lower rungs have the absolute zenith of perfection in fit & finish but you sure notice the step up from the made to a cost cheap stuff under $150 or so.
    The unfortunate aspect is the sales & marketing tends to mouth off names and materials rather than how they are used.
    Crucible 440C tempered to its best which involves cryo processing will outperform 2nd & third gen powdered metals have not taken advantage of a full cryo temper. Cabon fibre is very hard to get void free and it has to be to give its optimum strength its touted as giving. I can only get it from ACE knife & metal supplies.
    I don't use cheap shit and will refuse to.
    Its easy to compromise as no body aside from the manufacturer & supplier if used for a knife scale would ever know or perhaps even care. But the ethical craftsman DOES because its the essence of why they do it. If it wasn't Id be a corporate ceo or an international banker. I'd have infinitely more money but the hole in my soul that not creating loved working art for very satisfied clients would never be filled.

  3. Bo Thompson says:

    I am a lower end knife guy, have some from the gas station a couple of Spyderco's, the Resilience an police, which I equally love, I have a $20. Plus Ganzo, the F720. An one that mimics the Rat 1 an 2, but have their own axis or I believe called G lock, sorry long day of work, an love these as much! Either way thank you for what I have found to be one of your best vids yet, an I like all so far! Great job!

  4. Nathan Lowe says:

    I personally think zt has a bit of room for improvement for the price they ask. Mostly just in the heat treat department. Not a big issue, but an issue that had pushed me away from several zt models. I don't want to be paying for a 20cv blade that's so soft it performs like s30v. That may be nitpicking, but when other companies are consistent with heat treat with the same materials and similar pricing, I just think ZT has room to improve.

  5. LavenderPants86 says:

    Lol I love these videos. Needed to be said! And don't know if you ever watch Donut Media for car stuff but they recently had an entire episode about the varying quality of carbon fiber and why different grades have such different costs. Mostly why the expense has to do with the process of making the different tiers. Pretty cool!

  6. Rx Doom says:

    Thank you for this. I know people love to complain about made in China but yea, that market wouldn’t exist if there wasn’t such a high demand. People want American made but don’t want to pay American made prices.

  7. Average Joe says:

    I have some inexpensive knives, mid range, and higher end knives. To me, high end user knives end at the $500-$600. After that, again for me, the knife becomes something too expensive to do anything with other than put it away and never use it. At that level it is more of a investment. I will use, but don’t like to, a knife around $200-$300 but I am concerned about loss, damage, or a police officer deciding to confiscate it (luckily that hasn’t happened, but it could). I have found my RAT 2, D2, to be a very effective knife to carry and use without much concern. Once you get used to collecting you will develop a feel for what to use, what to show, and when to use it.

  8. Shinidoshi says:

    I think the reason why Hinderer's are so expensive is because you are paying for the cost of labor in quality control. I think that was a key point that was in the tip of your tongue.

  9. shenghuwang1981 says:

    You need to get on the knife company’s case about why they paid so little on knife that process in China. I still think a the technology still here and we have way better design and use. It’s all about how much a company are willing to pay and what type of process the company want to be done to the knife. The main reason why China makes cheap knife that’s because the company want China to make cheap knifes. To me benchmade and cold steel all the way.

  10. Michael Gaglione says:

    You can kinda look at it like building and the cost of a hamburger. You can get a McDonald's burger where they put a piece of meat on a grill then slap condiments and a bun on it and sell it for a dollar. Or you can get a burger from a nicer restaurant where you can have the meat cooked the way you like it with extra seasonings and toppings all the way down to specific type of bun and that can even be toasted if you liked. So some people just see two burgers but then when u get to taste it you notice why one cost more. Too bad you cant just taste the knife so newer knife people can get a clearer picture.

  11. Abby Normal says:

    Love the look of that blue 0609. I have seen the purple and black one. I have the original bronze anodized one. Great knife. But wow that blue one is gorgeous.

  12. Mickey McCracken says:

    That’s why spyderco have their high end models made in Taiwan. If those were made in America they would cost way too much for the same product. I think they try to make it as affordable as possible for the consumer

  13. William Armbruster says:

    Great explanation, and unfortunately there are a lot of people that still won’t get it (until they get a hinderer or WE or any number of incredibly well made knives in their hand). That being said, there are some manufactures that charge way too much for their gimmick. Not to say they aren’t really good knives, but a half titanium half G10 Praetorian with a pretty simple design for 600 when I can get an xm-18 for 200 less is a little crazy IMHO. Thanks for the video. Good stuff.

  14. KilllerBee says:

    My wife doesn’t understand why I stay up until midnight watching “some guy” ramble on about knives. Loved it, great discussion and your passion is always incredible. Thanks!

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