Flashlight techniques

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30 thoughts on “Flashlight techniques

  1. Dominique Lawson says:

    One thing i learned from doing armed security is never hold a flashlight up to your head.. your target is going to aim right for that light. Always over your head or at the chest wear your vest will be. Never to your face guys

  2. na bumsti says:

    A small but simple tipp to make the use of a seperate flashlight much easier: Attach a small sling to it and put it arround your wrist. So you can simply drop the flashlight if you need to (for reloading, opening doors,…) and pick it up again.

  3. Victor says:

    Nice video, I like to have a flashlight attached to the gun and a small flashlight in my hand, attached to my wrist. So I can light the spot with the smaller flashlight in one hand and hold the gun with the other hand without having to point the gun at anyone. For example, when approaching a car, or someone, you can use the flashlight in your hand and if it is or becomes a potentially dangerous situation, I can use the gun, drop the flashlight and hold the gun with both hands.

  4. Todd K says:

    Very interesting and informative video. I prefer a weapon mounted light for my rifle/shotgun and a hand held for my pistol. Only reason being is that I always carry my pistol everywhere I go, so I prefer a slimmer, smaller holster for comfort. I usually always have at least a small flashlight like my mini mag lite for general use, which gives some light at a good distance and can be adjusted to create a more flooded illumination. The lights I have on my rifles are 1,000 lumen, but one is red and the other is green, since I use those rifles to predator hunt at night. still blind an intruder, but they are very bright inside the home, which the red works great not blinding myself, but it still be bright as all get out shined in the face of an intruder. Love your guy's channel, love the content, you definitely earned my subscription!

  5. GY says:

    Great channel ! And I think that situation dictates tactics, so whatever technique an individual decides to use would be pretty much defined by the conditions on that occasion

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