FKMD Fox Knives Hitam Golok Field Review

FKMD Fox Knives Hitam Golok Review. A Golok is a large knife used in the tropics for: clearing agricultural land; food preparation; food processing; processing …

15 thoughts on “FKMD Fox Knives Hitam Golok Field Review

  1. Paul'ie 4X says:

    Say Heah Francis, I really was at a crossroad when I had to choose between the Fox Hitam Golok and the Fox Parang Bushcraft Jungle Knife. I like large knives so I got the Hitam Golok first. Today I teamed my Hitam Golok with my Fox Trekker Utility Camp and Sniper Knife and I even got the similar knife to the Parang Bushcraft Jungle Knife a Fox Jungle Parang. The Fox Jungle Parang is all black so I team it with my Cold Steel 3V Master Hunter and I permimently attached my Mora Kansbol to my Fox Parang Bushcraft Jungle Knife. Sweet. But lately my Fox Parang Combo did see alot of action especially on our weekend trips. Thanx to you keeping me up on my Fox Knives, Thanx You.,,. p

  2. Paul'ie 4X says:

    Say Heah Francis, Lemme Wish You a Happy Fathers Day. I got a guys joke for you. What's the difference between Fish and Meat ?,,,Well if you beat your fish it will die, heh heh heh.,,.p

  3. ELMC700 says:

    how much did it cost? I saw it in amazon and it was more expensive than the fox parang and that fox parang brings more things … why?.
    fox golok 298$ > Fox parang 185$

  4. Paul'ie 4X says:

    Say Heah Joe. I really like my Hitam, Infact I just teamed my Golok with a Steel Will "Darkangel" Knife for a lovely piece of kit. The Darkangel is also made in the N690Co. and same. handle material and both are Italian made, But the price is right on the Darkangel, Infact I also bought the Steel Will Druid 230 and the 240 for my Wet and Snowy weather use. Also a nice match, but in the 9Cr18MoV which is similar to 440b. but a little better. But priced right, Check Steel Will out. ,, .

  5. Paul'ie 4X says:

    Say Heah Bro, Yeah Sir, The Fix Hitam Golok is a good one I just pulled the trigger on a Bowie used in the Philippines durinig our involment. It is made by Ka"Bar BK-20 a 10.8" blade and 1/4" thick, But the superb balance allows it to be lively in hand. It sold out fast but I found a special that comes with the BK-4 and the BK-5. But the break down price is good, But I already had the BK-4 and BK-5. which are good knives in their own right. It was nice to see you again as usual.

  6. kerberosWXIV says:

    My only complaint with this knife is the handle design. I find it to be too short (and awkwardly shaped) for a relatively large heavy knife intended for chopping. It's a shame Fox just slapped on the standard handle from its military lineups.

  7. You Who says:

    I see that some of fox knives use partial tangs with a few of there designs i am curious to know how they hold up to long term use the reason i ask is i was considering purchasing
    the Panabus Fixed Blade

  8. Junyang Li says:

    If you don't mind, could you provide me some info about this company's warranty information, I did some light research and didn't find any result, which is a red flag for me, indicate that the company may not stand behind their product. I'm very intrigued by the knife and material, but the website do not offer any information on hardness of the steel or provide any warranty info. So if you have more information about them, please let me know, V/R, Li

  9. Alwyn Roberts says:

    Out of interest what's the connection with you and the knifes you test. The majority are Italian and made of the same steel. Just wondered about it. Not a big deal though. Thanks as always for the great video.

  10. Paul'ie 4X says:

    Dude, I mean M8, Simply TiT's, Cheers, You did a Great video on the Hitam Golok I ever seen. Yup I live in North America, and your right it is a deep chopper, but like all my sharp tool's I learn to use them as individual tool's and I try to bring out their best quality. You my friend just became one of my Fav's doing videos, I can see you did your homework and and did a great presentation, I also find the Hitam Golok to baton wood good too, as with all my knives I'm always careful of the size I baton, but mostly just to get inside some dry stuff when wet, then ALL wood will burn. again M8 AWESOME, , ,

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