Fixed Spear Point Dagger Knife – Good Dual Edge Knife with Fix Half Serrated Blade – Best Black Tactical Knife for Survival & Defense – Grand Way 2503


Black symmetrical blade of this GrandWay knife is made of steel 440C, in apparent advantages of this material are high corrosion resistance and the ability to maintain long-term properties of the cutting edge without periodic sharpening. Blade has a spear shape and symmetrical flat slopes. Central fuller serves for the blade weight reduction and the creation of the blade rigidity. Please note that the blade has a double-sided grinding rolling on the butt into the serrated blade, which is useful when cutting fibrous materials. The purpose of such blade is piercing action, and of course, it will cut easily sausage and bread, but don’t hope for his outstanding cutting properties. As it’s said, not for this.

The handle of the knife has a barrel shape, slightly thinning to the edges, made of rubber with tenacious small incision. The handle is protected from damage with metal top and bolster. The durability of the blade is provided by the “full tang” design, in which a broad shank of the blade passes completely through the handle and takes over the load.

It’s definitely an interesting knife, which primarily attracts attention with its extraordinary appearance.

Buy it now, because next month the increase in price is expected for this product due to the increased demand for it!




BLADE THICKNESS: 3,9 MM (0,153″)

BLADE LENGTH: 165 ММ (6,49″)



HANDLE LENGTH: 125 ММ (4,92″)

OVERALL LENGTH: 290 ММ (11,41″)

WEIGHT: 203 G (7,16oz)

The company «GRAND WAY» – is engaged in production and development of projects of knives (folding, hunting, tactical, souvenir, etc., with more than 1000 species.) under its own brand for over 15 years. Our goal is to bring together all the best, devised and tested over the years in the knife industry.

DOUBLE-SIDED SHARPENING OF THE SERRATED BLADE – with the help of the double-edged two-sided sharpening the penetrating capacity of the knife is increasing while thrusting. Serrated slice is occurring simultaneously under different angles, that’s why such kind of sharpening is the most effective while cutting foliated and fibrous materials: nets, ropes, belts, lines, etc
SHEATH IN A SET – the knife is equipped with an open type cordura sheath with non-cutting fixing and a rivet for secure fastening. Sheath protects the knife from outward influence and also from accidental loss
RUBBER HANDLE – comfortable and secure, it has a small relief improving hand adhesion which prevents sliding
QUALITATIVE STAINLESS STEEL BLADE – steel 440C is used in the knife, the amount of carbon in the knife is 1,2%. Steel 440C is considered to be high-technical stainless steel with 57-58 HRC rigidity, resistant to the corrosion. Steel 440C is the standard of qualitative stainless steel for knives, it’s widely spread and has a deserved reputation. It’s also the most expensive 440 type steel
METAL ROOFING – the butt of the knife has a metal roofing, which can be used as a hammer, which is very necessary during hunting, fishing or any trip

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