Fixed Blade Fight: ESEE-6 vs Spartan Machai | KnifeCenter Reviews



Squaring off are two fixed blades built for heavy use. Would you choose the time-proven ESEE-6 ( or the newly-affordable Spartan …

25 thoughts on “Fixed Blade Fight: ESEE-6 vs Spartan Machai | KnifeCenter Reviews

  1. Phoenix says:

    Its a pain in the ass to sharpen these recurve blades.I would chose ESSE over Spartan if it would not be so overpriced.There are better options on the market for the money.

  2. MutsPub says:

    Esee 6. No re-curve in blade, easier to field sharpen, unless you carry rods or oval sharpeners.
    No finger slot/choil in the handle. That "hump" in the handle of the Spartan is just not comfortable for me. RAT 7 w/kydex sheath is another option. Spartan is priced to high.

  3. Barone B says:

    I'll say it again : Only reason I spent $330.00 on a Spartan Horkos was because was trying to give some business to Veteran owned Co.
    However, the knife itself made CPM S35VN Steel, handles scales traction micarta, the specs say the blade thickness is 3/16" believe me when I tell you NOT EVEN CLOSE…. The handle size, circumfrence set up to fit a 5 year olds hand, the sheath is a shit show 1/2 ballistic nylon, 1/2 some type molded plastic….. knife worth $ 120.00 tops…!!!! I could have bought 3 TOPS knives & had $$ leftover rather than buying Horkos….. I have NO idea how Spartan Blades is still in business

  4. bilbobaggins8876 says:

    The Spartan looks like a Schrade! I'll buy an esse as soon as they make the 6 in 154 CM….or anything besides 1095 (nothing against 1095) I have a ton of knives in it…just want something different.

  5. Bobby says:

    Those snaps on the sheath are not good. Love the deaign on the knife but not the sheath belt loop. It will break. Both are great brands from experience. Get a new sheath if you go with the spartan

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