Fitzen Knife Fighting DVD's are coming!

There will be a new video series coming out from Fitzen and his friends. Part one, covering an introduction to several types of knives and the philosophy behind …

21 thoughts on “Fitzen Knife Fighting DVD's are coming!

  1. Eric Montford says:

    Respond to this video… modern metallurgy and forging / quenching technology does surpass what was done with iron and carbon on any continent more then 100 years ago. There is still much to be learned from historic sword and knife smiths and they should be honored as helping to bring their arts to the point where they are today. But as for making blades that out preformed what can be achieved today, no that can not be said be said to be true.

  2. Eric Montford says:

    @mojothemigo And I agree as well. I happen to know a few sword and knife makers (one of which is actually a journeyman in the American Bladesmith Society) and they all agree that the most wonderest and fantastic thing about the Japanese swords and what made them such an incredible achievement was the fact that they could create functional well-made swords out of only 2 tons of rusty sand. I take nothing away from the Japanese swords, swordmakers, or culture. But……

  3. arsrfun says:

    Hey John great videos. I would like to see knife making videos that would be cool. All your stuff is great,but i am an aspirering knife maker,just as a hobbie. I think its cool when i use a knife that i made myself. It would be great to see some basic how to stuff. Thanks again.

  4. Hateyaall says:

    I realy like John Fitzen but he is just trying to make a living and for all the smart people out there wouldn't pay 60 bucks for a video to watch home but going out there finding a martial art school where you learn this stuff first hand and you can practice it with other people.Becouse this kind of videos are for people that know a lot of stuff and to see a guy that knows a little more and learn from him but this kind of thing doesn't worth 60 bucks.In Bulgaria for 60 bucks i will train 6months

  5. mojothemigo says:

    @MrSenset Agreed. What gets me is Weaboos who think Tagahegami (spelling?) is the best or some think true almost extinct damascus wootz are better then modern tool steels. They are fantastic for their time and are art for modern day but stink practicaly for practical modern application. Not a knife expert or a metalurgist, this is from every smith and blade maker I have ever met. I think Knife Smith Al Pendlton coppies classic Wootz well, but I would still have a modern tool steel blade.

  6. Eric Montford says:

    I for one would love to see your take on "cutting through the bullshit" on blade fighting. There is a lot of crap out there about "blood groves" and blocking with the riccosso and other type stuff. I'll defiantly be interested. Who else is going to be in them and what kind of background do they have?

  7. MThrow says:

    What kind of background do you have in knife fighting John? Personal experience or were you trained? Bob Kasper, Michael Janich, and James Keating are knife fighting GODS. And their knowledge, expertise, and training is going to be VERY hard to top. All of them have been instructors for around 30 years and their DVDs start around $30

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