4 thoughts on “First Step in Success- Prepare Yourself You Never Know What Happen

  1. diana thompson says:

    USA! Here to stay! people that complain or say we are not great anymore or ignorant. Travel teaches so much and yes Americans are considered in the EU to be spoiled temperant pigs. we earned that with bad manners while visiting there. People having to live with constant uncertainties that is poverty all day everyday in oh so many ways. Not here we will hook I up. Thanks G!

  2. OWNing IT says:

    Exactly right. and what i needed to hear. I started a seasonal service business in the middle toward the end of last summer sealing driveways and mowing lawns. I quit my full time sales job of 15 years to make that happen. my former employer basically begged me to stay on in a part time capacity, which i did for most of last winter. I called the other day to see what my winter schedule would be and he asked me right away if i had made alot of money over the summer. i told him that i had some victories and some defeats and despite someone tampering with my equipment in a very sneaky clever way and having to replace my work truck due to a rotted frame that i dont have much money left over but i felt that since i endured all of this in a new business that i didnt know, built up a solid customer base and infrastructure for the future that i was successful, and everyone that could open their mouth in my direction was telling me to quit and go back to my old job, that i refuse to give up on the dream of owning my own business that i do believe that i am a success and am not giving up, he told me that he was thinking of opening up a new store and would i like to come back to help open it? He was trying to pry me away from my own success to further fuel his. He told me that he always would be looking out for me. And after i told him that i was not giving up my company to work for him full time again, only part time through the winter, he told me he would call tomorrow with my schedule. tomorrow came and went, no call. I called him this morning to inquire and his response was:
    well i really dont need you anymore. i hired my son a couple of months ago and there is no hours available. Instead of panicking, strangely enough, i felt relieved. The world is calling me to hustle and up my game and for that i am grateful. I want to thank you, Glendon for being who you are and sharing what you do with the world because i got in the video marketing tribe at the last minute and have been reading your ebooks and taking the H.K.F lifeskills program and without your help and the help of a few other key people i would not realize that being thrown into the fire
    is a blessing and not a curse. it is a chance to prove to myself, my value and worth and forces me to grow, change, and own my own destiny. I have shied away from social media and technology my whole life and am challenging myself to embrace it and the mentors that it has brought into my life. I am broke, behind on some bills, and excited as hell to go down this new path. I did grow up very poor as a child and am very grateful for it. I know that with what you have taught me and will be teaching me that i am now beginning to live a life of design and intent. Thank you so much, and keep hustling

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