First Edge / Ryan Hoover HR1 Fighting Knife



The First Edge Knives HR-1 is a fighting knife designed by Ryan Hoover from Funker Tactical and Fit To Fight. Ryan is a world renowned self defense and …

33 thoughts on “First Edge / Ryan Hoover HR1 Fighting Knife

  1. Randy French says:

    I have this knife and just cant figure out how to carry it… i appendix carry a glock 19 but and love having this knife weak side appendix iwb but its not just uncomfortable its painful… i have been trying to figure out a way to fix this maybe push it further down or maybe horizontal… hopefully i can figure something out someday bc i REALLY like this knife and it lives in a backpack

  2. Sully Cortez says:

    I bought the entire kit and the HR-1 a whileeeee ago when it first came out because of Funker Tactical, I haven’t regretted it. I absolutely love this knife and carry it everyday. The sheath is AWESOME literally the best part of the whole kit besides the knife itself. Training with this and a firearm, I absolutely think Ryan has hit the nail on the head with this knife. Everything about it is just sick. The knife edge, the steel, the finger guard, the slight knuckle dusting edge, the black oxide finish and the sheath. The fact that I can still punch with it, while retaining it when training with my firearm is just truly making the most of your tools. The ONLY thing I recommend to first edge and Ryan himself is a redesign in the sheath to allow it not only to be carried appendix vertical, but to be carried appendix horizontal. I actually like to run it through my first belt loop on the left side right next to my appendix magazine and my appendix carried firearm. Highly recommend this knife and I’m so glad you did a review on it to make more people aware of this knife. Like the Gerber Ghostrike which I wear on the small of my back on my belt EVERYDAY, this is also the other piece of kit I never leave home without. Thanks!

  3. John Smith says:

    I won’t pass judgement on someone’s strange fantasy about ever being in a knife fight except to say I hope you have as much training as the expert presented here. Cedric & Ada has a great video detailing why all these “tactical” and “combat” knives (or “pointy, stabby” for regular viewers here) are doing the knife industry a great disservice. I will however question the use of a super steel for this single-use blade. I saw another one done in one of the CPM super steels. Why? All these experts make it clear that you do NOT open boxes or use these for anything other than defense. So why the super high-end steel? Just give me a good heat treated 440C and be done with it. And throw some serrations on there for a bigger wound channel. Exactly how much edge retention do I need to give an attacker an arterial bleed?

  4. Richard Edgecomb says:

    Fighting knife? They had a place when guns had one bullet. But today I’ll take my Ruger Mini 30 w/ 20 round magazines or my Smith and Wesson Model 24 w/ 4” barrel and speed loaders to any fights I’m planning on getting into. But, to each his own …
    I’m not planning on getting into any fights. And, w/ the S&W 24 on my hip not many others are planning on getting into a fight w/ me. I long for the days of my youth when fights were resolved w/ a good debate or fists, not guns or heaven forbid knives!

  5. Joshua Abadano says:

    Were we just commenting the knives we EDC? o.o If that's the case SOG Fielder Non assisted with custom after market sharpening. Sure it's non assisted but You can still flip it out with a flick of the wrist.

  6. Brian Binns says:

    Bought a First Edge assisted folder when you had a promo in the spring this year. Excellent knife. I am 100% happy with the quality of that knife and the fit and finish. They are an excellent company to deal with. By the way the knife your talking about in this video has a unique sheath that locks to any waist band and does not come out with the blade. You should show that. Thanks for showing their products.

  7. Sonny Daze says:

    I have the Emerson CQC-7 tanto karambit. Look it up and check it out. It is the fastest deploying knife on the market and that is a fact due to the infamous emerson wave feature. It ran me $270, which I am OK with because to me it is the ultimate defense fighting knife. So when I need it in a time of need, it can easily and very quickly be deployed and ready to engage. i love it. it is somewhat similar to the knife in the video…

  8. Omar Correa says:

    I prefer to call these defensive knives rather than fighting knives because you are more likely to carry it for self defence rather than for going to war. Other than that it is still a very usable knife.

  9. Lisa Booker says:

    Great looking little knife. I love that it comes with the trainer. As someone who isn’t an expert in anything EXCEPT, “how to spoil grandchildren,” this would be a very handy learning tool. TFS. God Bless ~Lisa

  10. Jani Sukanen says:

    Great review! That is a really cool knife. I like the design and the slim sheath. I have a thing for neckers and compact carry knives 🙂 The idea of it being available with a trainer is cool. Nice to see the designers take on the knife too! Looking forward to see new models and footage from Shot Show! Have a great day Bryan 🙂 Big thumbs up!

  11. Craig Banach says:

    not what I thought the knife would look like from the title. I figured it be a bigger knife like the standard Ka-Bar. but a smaller knife seems more practical for fast easy movement. thanks for sharing.

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