20 thoughts on “Finnish Combat Knife – Fiskars

  1. david john Huxtable says:

    keep hold of yer old AK YOU MAY still be needing it should those pesky damned ruskies take a shine to owning a lake house in finland?
    i like the m95 rubberised handle
    the m62 is first time i see far more hardy utilitarian
    i can see how tactical it would be spending 3days!! creeping up on an enemy compound then being ordered to cut the perimeter wires by your gunnery sgt!
    the noise must be deafening?!!
    especially for those that miss the wire first time arounds?
    i think it would be more polite to write to the enemy in advance let them just know when and where you are next breaching their fencelines?
    so as there isnt too much resulting noise & chaos!
    they get taught to snip a wire with a rag or cloth like a scarf held over it deadens any noise then if yer real crafty like sf soldiers are you are trained to head for the link seams then seperate it then thread it all back together so as the enemy doesnt know where you came in or exited?
    if it was finnish troops you could lay in bed pinpoint the direction of their attack?
    as they repeatedly try to fire through wire! but miss it?
    im pretty sure tho the success rate at seperating the wire on muzzle of an ak is pretty high tho!!

    very nice knife id like to order the sissipuuko m95 its more available i think
    i dont use a bayonet much these days
    just to prise get my money outa the bank!! convince my bank manager that my credit is akways to considered really good!
    make a space on a crowded beach whilst on holiday!
    stuff like that!!
    watchout for theym ruskies!!
    or else we brits might have to come over n help you out again?
    learn some sami songs n calls!!
    spook up the ruskies! a bit before they try to invade finnish borders!!

  2. H Wal. says:

    Any idea where to find these M62 bayonets/knives? They're quite hard to find it seems, but I also don't speak Finnish. I'd imagine they're a lot more common in Finland. The M78's and Petras are very popular in Canada as they're some of the only military guns that we can own that will survive our conditions.

  3. Tim Smallwood says:

    Ah, the Valmet. Great rifle. Much better than the typical Soviet style AK. I used to work for a guy at a Gun shop who was in the Machine Gun club locally and he had one! Or the civilian version. I remember I really loved the folding stock and sights, etc,. Thank you for this stuff. Very cool. Regards from the US.

  4. OKBushcraft says:

    Very nice lesson. I wish school had been this interesting when I was in it.
    I got to fondle and shoot a friend's valmet in 7.62 back in the 90s. I really liked it.
    I guess being a sapper trying to cut wire with your rifle wasn't very stealthy??? 😉
    Next lesson please Helsinkiprof

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