37 thoughts on “Final Upload Not the Final Fight J4K

  1. Shorty Roc says:

    Some one guide her to go where they want her to go smh… and they was saying that it was an accident when she walked in the freezer do yah think that was accident? and to be honest that don't even look like Kenneka at all tho…

  2. Aesia Smith says:

    now this bitch and her son popped out on the other video they didn't come off elevator IJS and the other white bitch is dude in the red hat girl friend found they fb page everbody roaming the halls are all in on the shit frfr some of them u see walking back and fourth they practicing the walks and shit on everthing I love whole time Kosandra is there edititing and re editing while all them doing that bull shit thats why the times all fucked up

  3. Shon Bunny says:

    sis you not the only one. what i have told people is no way all of our gut feelings are wrong. Everyone one feel the same but the fact that so many people saying that some foul happened with her that because it is some wrong. Our spirits has letting us know some is wrong.

  4. Godwin Ikuesanu says:

    Aye I Feel You One Hundred Percent, I've Lost Sleep, Get Chills Every time I Think About It. Its Some Evil Shit That's Bone Chilling Behind Her Whole Death & Fuck What People Think! Kenneka Needs People Who Cares About Her Cause…

  5. freez more says:

    There are things about this case that is unclear. I don't personally believe what the autopsy report has said. There's something that is just not right. I agree, we might not know the truth but there's nothing that is hidden that won't be revealed.

  6. Blue Benji says:

    Yeah this whole thing from day one is hard to watch because it could be any mother brother baby girl grandma etc . its just not fair or right fir the goosechase and the ones involved they are still on facebook chillin given more time to run n hide city to city state to state . roaming scott free no worries ..just be carefull where you go for fun i guess i dono . its so weird creepy n wicked n full if sorrow pain turmoil anger n lots n lots of hope for things to conclude the righteous way one day…. I hope

  7. Jill says:

    I understand how you feel. I haven't posted videos I posted comments and lost sleep watching the videos. I feel so bad for Keneeka. I don't trust anyone involved, not the hotel, not friends, not cops. It's too creepy. Even the autopsy. I'm trying to stop watching. It's odd he found a frozen dead body and don't scream or run.

  8. Allison Mitchell says:

    Thank u for the uploads baby. Don't let no one deter u from what u believe in and how u feel that's your heart,your feelings no one can take that from u. Its so many people on here posting and uploading videos and comments about this girls death and some people may very well just be doing it for likes and views but they know who they are and GOD does too. I can hear in your voice you're sincere and genuine in what you're saying so don't worry about it baby girl. And you're absolutely right,it's SO MANY different videos on here,so much being edited,so many different speculations and theories about how she died and who did it. We probably will never know the truth. But believe,MAN may not be able to bring justice for Kenneka,but GOD DEFINITELY CAN AND WILL! Take care love!

  9. Layla N says:

    Security did this. Videos times are chopped and screwed bc they are out of order. Security can do that. When he was running and walking around, he was ahead/behind of her telling her where to go. The video with him peeking, he was making sure she was going the way he told her to. A step ahead and behind!

  10. Marsha Matters says:

    After following this case for so long. I have come to the conclusion that all of these people at that hotel was on some other shit. And whatever was goin that night had been done before by the same group of people. But that young lady didn't think she would be the victim that night. If u look back at all their pages. They got Big Money in the hands throwing up gang signs and shit. This night was nothing new to the clique in that room. And i believe her mother had warned her about that crowd. But that young lady didn't listen…

  11. evolution227 says:

    Thanks for posting this, no need to explain, I can hear how genuine you are in your voice. Her death was no accident. It has moved so many for a reason. There’s no such thing as coincidence. I hope and pray the truth will be revealed. There are many people involved and I’m putting it out there that I hope they are all brought to justice for all to see. This was an arrogant and senseless murder. And it’s sad that ANYONE would choose to believe anything different. Great post Queen.

  12. brandon L says:

    You know why no one has the video of her walking into the freezer because she didn't walk into that fuckin freezer she was put there and the hotel edited the camera and a lot people were in on this shit and its fucked up because the real truth will never be told and the people or lesson who killed know exactly what the fuck they did to her but karma is a bitch and what goes around comes around #REST UP #KENNEKA JENKINS

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