FILIPINO MARTIAL ARTS***pikal grip knife wrapping***

When i was young in the Philippines i was told that the serious knifers would do this…. scary!!! Notice that i leave my thumb on the bottom of the knife and then …

3 thoughts on “FILIPINO MARTIAL ARTS***pikal grip knife wrapping***

  1. varškėsapkepas says:

    Yeah, that is a pretty terrifying situation to be attacked by a guy with his knife like that.

    I guess the only disadvantage for the knife wielder would be that it's impossible to change hands. So if I manage to get to the outside of the knife arm, controlling it, I don't have to worry about him taking the knife in his left hand instead.

    It's not much of a comfort though.

  2. Oneal Mendoza says:

    You are correct sir! I did not even realize that i did that! I think i was caught up in the whole "wrapping" part that i missed the true blade orientation of the edge facing my body… ooppps! I hope I dont do that in a real knife fight! LOL… yes the true p'kal as you also spelled correctly is for the ripping and tearing, mimicking the claws of an animal… thank you for your observation and knowledge…

  3. Oneal Mendoza says:

    i have heard this many times… it was a something to do either before coming into a fight or challenge or both fighters would do this for a challenge match…. i have witnessed my cousins while walking into a sketchy part of town do this discreetly and quick, and also going into rumbles…

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