Filipino Martial Arts | My Martial Arts Life – Ep 1

Hang out with me for the day as I hike, train Kali and teach class. Grab my Kali Starter Course today for just $9 here: Purchase a …

14 thoughts on “Filipino Martial Arts | My Martial Arts Life – Ep 1

  1. BenValentine83 says:

    I have mild Cerebral Palsy affecting my legs, right hand and lower spine; I'm always looking for new exercises to add to my physiotherapy routine.
    I try to make it to the gym 2-3 times a week (weights, strength and endurance training), but for 2019 I really want to improve my agility and co-ordination, so I signed up for the KC starter course and am going through the solo drills.

    (btw, could you possibly do a vid in the future that covers martial arts/self defence for people with physical limitations?)

  2. GuardianChaos says:

    I love what you do and I love watching you, and I really want to come from the UK to go to ITC as I've wanted to go for so long but I missed last years.. another goal for me is to turn vegetarian

  3. Varg says:

    Hey man, i love your videos! I started practicing Kali 4 months ago in Hungary and i already know that getting better in Kali day by day is one of the most important goal of my life. Im thinking about building some home-made training equipment like a dummy or some sticks tied together (can be very basic), i dont know if you use anything like that, but i would really appreciate some tips on that. Im also intrested in training in nature, so how can i use trees or certain types of environmental stuff to increase my kali skills. So thank you very much! Keep up with this brilliant work!

  4. Mark Azarcon says:

    This year I wanna dive deeper into the more exotic weapons of kali. I'm talking bout tabak toyok, (fma nunchucks) scarf grappling, tomahawks, spear throwing and ofc the karambit. So this year I'm going to experiment more than ever and take the philosophy from ptk that everything is a weapon.

  5. Mr Riderskip says:

    This channel deserves a million subscribers.
    The contents which you're uploading on your channel for free are Premium in other Kali/Martial arts websites.
    You are extremely generous, Mr. Paul.
    I believe if you do something for your channel like Collaborations, advertisements, sponsors and etc, it will definitely reach out to more people and more subscribers.
    This 2k19, I'm going to start my Kali by watching your tutorials.
    Thank you!

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