Weapon disarming is a huge part integrated in Filipino Martial Arts. While we can approach this simply by using offence, we put together a few techniques to dive …


  1. Pontezo Elfantasico says:

    To fight someone holding a knife is just stupid. Plan A is always run away and live to fight another day when you’re better prepared for a knife fight. Plan B is if the aggressor chase you then you need to run to the closest chair/stone/metalpipe and defend yourself with something that creates distance

  2. Joe Mac says:

    Completely ignores what we almost universally see with actual knife attack footage: the attacker's leveraging arm holding onto your shirt and the knife not being thrust out in front of the attacker, rather you being pulled into the short thrusts.

  3. Combatinho says:

    By 3:21 I had seen enough. This is LaLa Land stuff that is impractical from many stand points. First, in the first technique by the time you go for the eye jab and step-off the persons artery retracted the knife and stabbing you again. Second, on the second technique you do not know whether to double edge or not. Did not practice techniques that are so limited because people may come up with box cutters which you cannot shear out of their hand and it made be double-edged. in the second flow the hand is loose to re-stab or parry your blocking hand out of the way. Although this comes from Filipino martial arts which are generally good, I do not like to practice techniques that don't concentrated on the blade as much. I know some of he will say striking them while blocking and defending is a good technique, when life is on the line concentrate on the arm with the weapon.

  4. Tony Yap says:

    Nice moves.. but my experience in real street fight, wrist lock or arm or wrist catching doesnt work. The assilant is so furious and very fast you cant even see the icepick when he strikes. What i did slaping the knife away from me , fist close and slap the arm of the assilant while moving towards him till iwas able to control the arm before using any technique to disarm the assilant.. any way nice technique.. thumbs up..

  5. David Risselada says:

    I love fma but this video assumes that once the knife is parried all motion stops. There is way to much on the part of the guy defending, I mean he has a ton of moves for the attackers one move. Disarming has to be approached from a one move to one move perspective. The reality of this is that once you pass the knife the motion will continue and you will have to adjust to defend the high line

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