Filipino martial arts Defanging using the blade (destructions part 3/3)

I’m presenting this classic Defanging as a progression of the empty hand Destruction techniques.

5 thoughts on “Filipino martial arts Defanging using the blade (destructions part 3/3)

  1. Robert Vizzo says:

    Wmpyr! I've watched your videos for a while now, ever since I started training FMA.. Good stuff I really appreciate what you do!

    I have a question for you, since day 1 my Escrima instructor has drilled it in to my head, to never put my thumb up while holding any weapon… Yet I see a lot of other established martial artists such as yourself in this video doing this… My teacher says it's easier to retain your weapon and safer to have the thumb down across the finger… I guess my question is.. What is your philosophy in this matter? Does it even matter? A lot of words I know… But thank you!

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