Filipino Martial Art VS Wing Chun Part 2 | Master Wong

Filipino Martial Art VS Wing Chun Part 2 | Master Wong. In this video Master, Wong shows you how to not get knocked out. This is just one of many videos to …

25 thoughts on “Filipino Martial Art VS Wing Chun Part 2 | Master Wong

  1. Slayer Of Evil Kings says:

    Guys, never use martial arts against criminals with weapons. Martial Arts are foolishness. Bring your own weapon to use it against criminals and you'll live! There are so many options to bring that can save your life from life threatening situations. Such as pepper spray, taser fist, air gun and knives. There are some air guns that can fire powerfully like real pistol but it's still legal to use them. Study weapons and improve with combat techniques to overpower your enemies who are abusing weapons for evil pleasure. Always say no to martial arts. But always Yes to weapons.

  2. Aaron Cavazos says:

    I would like to know what Master Wong thinks about Victor Matveev's defense system? He has a youtube chanel, I've also sent links to videos before. Other people should really bring up this subject so it meets his attention.

  3. Jaguar Strikes Again says:

    I don't care what these inexperienced kids say , I know Wing Chun works and I know that Escrima works ,
    the practioners of these systems have been kicking ass and taking names for hundreds of years in actual combat ,

    and furthermore I love Master Wong , he's a great martial artist and an awesome human being .

  4. James Clayton says:

    I dont understand where the thought process of an" art "has to prove it in the ring? Ive never seen a ring on the streets. A person never approaches an other person in a ring. the same way they would on the streets.
    The person the creative individual, is always more important then any style or system.

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