Filipino Kuntao Knife throwing methods by Ron Kosakowski…



This is one of the knife tactics used in the Filipino martial art of Kuntao. Notice the very precise foot work and body positioning used in every single knife throw …

22 thoughts on “Filipino Kuntao Knife throwing methods by Ron Kosakowski…

  1. Dan Fratzke says:

    You are well practiced in your craft, and are capable of some impressive results. However, believing this can be used effectively in self defense in a real world situation is silliness of the highest order.

  2. godawar says:

    I agree. : ) , your knife throwing skills are really superb , this just shows that with a skillful knife thrower like you,an assailant with a gun can be stop and neutralized easily .
    Amazing vid….Wish you well ..can I feature you as one of my highly recommended channel ?

  3. Ron Kosakowski says:

    @dutch04 The throwing methods for knife is pretty much the same principle for projectile weapons. Its the foot work that makes it work. Look at the angulation I am doing in the video. Even the rolling on the ground and throwing is based on the momentom of the body throwing the weapon. This get you into close range where Kuntao works best. 😉

  4. Ron Kosakowski says:

    @copypacercopypacer No one in any of the Kali, Arnis or Eskrima styles I do had knife throwing so far. I saw that the Atienza Kali people throw knives. This is more of a sub-system of projectiles in general. Anything can be thrown from spitting to dirt to rocks to chairs, etc., for a distraction with a follow-up move.

  5. Ron Kosakowski says:

    @thrillseeker70 I do work mostly attacking the right side yes but I do practice both sides of course. Everyone has a favorite side they go for regardless of the "lead position" an opponent has. Thats the way of any good martial art.

  6. boarski says:

    AWESOME VIDEO !!!!! Its great to see throwing done in different positions and different distances and also in different simulated situations.
    So many practice throwing at a set distance ,which is great for parlor tricks and does nothing to prepare you for a real altercation.

  7. Ron Kosakowski says:

    It is a subsystem of Kuntao Dumpag. Many Kuntao styles have a projectile weapons base of some sort. No certain name, just knife throwing, or a pen or whatever sharp object is avaliable at the given time.

  8. Ron Kosakowski says:

    Mike, its an honor to have you comment here. Usually, the knife throwing for combat is to close the gap to the enemy. In ancient times, more than one weapon was carried so throwing was a possible option if needed. I just so happed to really like this area of knife throwing due to how much focus it takes to coordinate footwork and body positioning and accuracy. Its like a form of meditation to me. I am sure you get the same results from target throwing.

  9. Michael Bainton says:

    Very good knife throwing. Although a different style than I do I am a target thrower rather than a combat thrower but could not compete with the expertise this man shows. Mike Alamo Bainton IKTHOF

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