Hey FIT-GAMERS, In this Fight Scene Breakdown, we take a look at a quick exchange between two characters in The Hunted film. They really show off some …

43 thoughts on “FILIPINO KNIFE FIGHTING | The Hunted Fight Scene

  1. DPB says:

    Nice break down it's Sayoc Kali but for the film they applied templates ( a lot wider and stretched than normal )that deemed fit for the big screen. Just a small taste

  2. Flickchaser says:

    Excellent breakdown and editing. Moving at a slow pace confirms the grace with technical flow and angles or rotation to block or thrust. The foot work while not the main focus seems to require a balanced and agile platform. Good show!! Keep it coming.

  3. TheDEATHHIT says:

    Awesome Joey!!! Shout outs to the stunt man, this guys expressions are always so funny!!! And of course thanks to the camera man too, otherwise how could we see whats going on!?

  4. R. M. says:

    I have a easier way to kill your enemy(not that I killed someone): pepper spray just right in his eyes, move as fast as you can to another direction and hit your opponent with a total blow to his neck. He will die almost instantly. If you cut the neck arthery, game over. In less than 5 minutes 70% of his blood will be surrounding his body. If he is armed with a gun, maybe he can still kill you. So it will be always extremelly stupid in 95% of different situations anyway to react to a armed robbery with a knife. And you must need to have a good knife.

  5. Leonardo Palma says:

    Hi guys! very nice video! I have just one question. Does the disarm on the wrist really works? I have practiced very few of kali, my field of study is japanese budo so maybe I'm wrong. But from my experience with weapons I'm not sure that in a dynamic situation you have the time, the energy and precision to disarm. It is not better try to cut his wrist simply? Thanks!

  6. the red baron says:

    excellent guys thank you!! I trained a little in sayoc /pekiti tirsia so I knew I was going to enjoy the movie when I read the sayocs were involved….when I first saw it I naively assumed the fights would look smooth and fluid I so when it didn't look like the flow drill like the action movies that showcased FMA in the 90s I was a little bummed out but then thinking about it and seeing it in the raw form of the hunted I appreciated the fact that this is how it may translate in reality but even in a more rough interpretation…I've seen GM cass magda in hawk's vengeance and loved it because he was smooth and fluid but a lot of fma in the 90s movies were mainly sinawali drills with one or two techniques (inosanto- seagal barfight ..Jeff wincott-burton richardson in mission of justice).all good movies but the hunted looked like that's what could actually take place in that scenario…if you can please break down scenes from sinners and saints and the prodigy from ron balicki…thanks again guys I'm posting this on my martial arts page and sharing this..

  7. Rex Loibl says:

    awesome job. This was one of the first movies that really got me into training with a knife and Kali. Any chance you guys could do the knife flow scene from arrow season 1? I never could figure out the flow.

  8. Shane Higgs says:

    The choreography was done by Sayoc Kali instructors. It's an awesome system (though I'm biased) that focuses on short blades. You won't find anything but maybe the first template online. It's a very, very new system but has alot of depth to it. The founder is Pamana Tuhon Chris Sayoc, from NYC, who studied Pekiti-Tirsia among other systems and drew from them to develop it.

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