Filipino Knife Fighting Techniques : Kali / Arnis / Eskrima

The techniques shown (please note that fancy techniques are for demonstration purposes only) in the video represent but a small part of Filipino Martial Arts …

28 thoughts on “Filipino Knife Fighting Techniques : Kali / Arnis / Eskrima

  1. Teppei Ikeda says:

    I am so impressed your techniques. Where do you teach Kali? I am a businessman who travels to many developing countries and at least I want to learn protecting myself. Do you teach private students? Do you teach foreigners? I want to learn from Kali from real FMA master. I think that you are the one.

  2. 808Fdup says:

    every movement that you do as he holds his arm there for you is rubbish, every move that follows after is simply useless unless purposely using it as a reference point to drill various possibilities.

    Coming from a real knife fighter:

    After every strike, a skilled blade fighter will retract his blade and get to the safe zone, additionally NOBODY attacked with a knife will leave his arm out for more then a split second so all those follow up techniques are bullshit.. and if YOU do any real sparring, you already know this, so to teach this shit you should be a shame of your self endangering all of the people that watch this and dont know any better.. its not only stupid but morally wrong.

  3. Clyde Diao says:

    like anything you in life, it is through repetition and practice that you become proficient in what you do. Practice and repetition improve your skill and you will react in real situations the way you are trained.

  4. Necrowar666 says:

    To be honest, with all do respect to everyone, reading the comments makes me laugh really bad 🙂 everyone is bragging and talking nonsense, and obviously none have had any real experience in martial arts but very few,  NO BODY said that this is what they teach you, there are some demonstration videos, and demo videos,  then comes the actual training, there are huge difference between all of that, its like in business when u have a product , using that product is very different than the advertisement, but usually a person sees the advertisement then call the company then go see the product themselves, if they like it they buy it if not they don't , they don't go bragging like children ooooh this is good oooh this is bad, just to satisfy their self arrogance. the slow guy is the trainee where the INSTRUCTOR ( the fast guy) got em to show ppl WHAT IS KNIFE FIGHTING, no body said that this is what he will TEACH U when u go train, its SHOWING YOU WHAT THE FUCK IS IT. aaargghh anyways am sure a lot of asses will come cursing and bragging AGAIN about what I said, GET A FRICKING LIFE U DONT LIKE IT DONT DO IT.

  5. Tyler Lalonde says:

    sorry to be rude but this so bs! you shouldn't try to show off because it just make you look like a tool. editing the video doesn't hide anything. unrealistic practicing will not help you. if this isn't a realistic showing then why the hell are you showing us your dancing. both guys should be moving and striking fast!

  6. Rushne Dean says:

    its really effective in any circumstances when your in danger you can easily defend your self, through a dangerous area examples in dark roads where hold dupers are present.believe me i manage to defend my self using this skills..

  7. Josh Smith says:

    The only thing to do if someone attacks you with a knife is run the fuck away. It's incredibly easy to hurt or kill someone with a knife, it doesn't take training and videos like this give people a false sense of security. In an actual fight the other guy won't stand like stump waiting to be stabbed.

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