Filipino Knife Fighting : Rapido Realismo Kali ( Manila, Philippines )

RAPIDO REALISMO KALI is a Filipino self defense system officially founded April 1997 by Punong Guro Henry Espera. It is a traditional martial art-based system …

21 thoughts on “Filipino Knife Fighting : Rapido Realismo Kali ( Manila, Philippines )

  1. TheWatcher says:

    Increase intensity, pressure and speed behind those knife thrusts to maximum and see if you would still be able to divert or block them as such. Somehow I doubt it.

  2. guitardaddy6 says:

    or look for Silat. Usually Silat teachers also train in Kali/pekiti tirsia. I got lucky and live in dallas, so i've got it all here. 3 years and going strong. a lot of people give up within 6 months. you going to be another statistic? 😉 be better and help carry on these amazing arts! This is an amazing video. i hope to reach that efficiency in these arts! great job. beautifully done!

  3. bobby6577 says:

    We have the Panantukan or what you westerners call dirty boxing. Aside from punching we also utilize the elbows, head butt, low level kicks and grappling technics. If you read history, this art influence boxing. Americans introduce boxing in the Philippines. We just made some modifications to make it more practical.

  4. Rushne Dean says:

    Im a Filipino located in Mindanao Philippines where people are using knife to cut there enemys. kali eskrima is very useful martial art base in my experience i was able to defend my self again gangster here in Mindanao who are also using knife. i am not really good in eskrima but i have enough knowledge of this art.if you want to defend your self in anytime in the dark streets where bad my happen you must learn a close combat martial art that has a defends and counter attacks strategy..

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