FILIPINO KALI KNIFE FIGHTING | The Man From Nowhere Fight Scene

Hey FIT-GAMERS, In this Fight Scene Breakdown, we are taking a look at the film “The Man From Nowhere.” In this final duel at the end of the film, our good guy …

21 thoughts on “FILIPINO KALI KNIFE FIGHTING | The Man From Nowhere Fight Scene

  1. gunofGalois says:

    In reality of knife fighting, it would be damn bloody mess. There is no winner in the fight. One will die at the spot and the other will die bleeding in the ambulance car. The movie is movie. A knife versus bare hands is pretty obvious one but knife versus knife is like painting all over the world with red colour. That is definitely not cool.

  2. gunofGalois says:

    The funny thing is, after this movie, people were highly likely to think that anyone who served in Special Forces can fight like that in the movie. The truth is, not exactly 😛 I know someone who served in ROK Special Forces for 4 years and a half and he said that the man in the movie is extraordinarily special though he of course learned how to handle a knife thoroughly.

  3. Sandy says:

    It might be restricted to the English dubbing, but the knife sound effects seem almost childishly punched up and I don't remember them being that way in the Korean audio w/ English subs version.

  4. Thomas Perez says:

    i assume there's some sort of honor code involved in that you'll try to defeat your opponent by only using the knife. bc of the slo mo, i saw a few opportunities where the non-knife hand could have been used to quickly strike the opponent.

  5. BHowardify says:

    How you added how that part where they should be flanking each other and how they remain in a straight line. If you think about it, they are both trained killers proficient enough to know that shit. More than likely the fight was so linear because they could just sit there countering each other and they knew it.

    That's just over thinking the fight.

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