Filipino Kali KNIFE FIGHTING | Haywire Hotel Fight Scene

Hey FIT-GAMERS, In this fight scene breakdown, we take a look at the spy thriller Haywire and go step by step through a quick striking sequence in the hotel …

32 thoughts on “Filipino Kali KNIFE FIGHTING | Haywire Hotel Fight Scene

  1. Davante Parries says:

    I don't know you done a video about from this show yet, but I think the Daredevil show on Netflix has a lot of good, clean techniques throughout its 2 seasons. Just a thought. Anyway badass video,Bro

  2. Drake Savage says:

    Another good breakdown. I agree that the lateral move is important. In gunfighting it's called, getting off of the "X". In other words, don't be where your opponent expects you to be.

  3. Clarence Baluca says:

    It's definitely Filipino Martial Arts, but very basic FMA. It might also be that Gina Carano – a pro MMA fighter – decided to inject her own identity into her character's fighting style – it does have a very MMA flavor, which I noticed right away.

  4. David Gunn says:

    Just recently subscribed to your channel after watching a few of your videos. Great stuff, really love how you manage to show everything step by step and even explain the mechanics behind why they'd do such a move in that context. Being the action movie junkie that I am, it makes me appreciate the choreography all the more knowing that there really is thought put into every single movement (not to mention training for the actors to perfom them). I don't know if you take suggestions, but there's two good fight scenes from the underrated action flick "The Gunman" from director Pierre Morel (same guy who directed Taken) that'd be really cool to see you breakdown. Thanks for the awesome videos!

  5. edi says:

    There are almost as many comments as likes. Usually only 10% of those that watch YT are even able to comment and only a fraction of those that like also comment.

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