Filipino Combat Knife Figthing



Featuring the FILIPINO native VISAYAN knife fighting.

19 thoughts on “Filipino Combat Knife Figthing

  1. says:

    some people are commenting this isn't realistic fighting and they're right, but it's not meant to be either this is just a training drill to teach reactions to a specific angle of attack, and every angle needs to be practiced and than be trained at random and with the knife attacker using their free hand to also attack or clear along with all other options, and the person defending in a real fight ideally deescalates/avoids the situation, finds/uses their own weapon, runs or deals with the knife before or while it's being drawn, but in the worst case scenario if you have to defend a knife attack you have to be trained for all possibilities and than try to only defend 1 attack and immediately counterattack and or control the knife hand ideally both. this isn't being done as that would break the flow of the drill so sometimes the drill is done repeatedly to get repetition, now i do think you have to be careful because too much repetition of any drill (no matter how good) will take away the reality of the training because you know what to expect, so in my opinion once you get the basics down most of your training should give the attacker multiple options like I mentioned earlier so the defender never knows for sure what attack is coming starting with a couple choices and as the defender can handle it building up to anything goes. by the way this video is pekiti tirsia which is known for it's realistic training and is used by many police and military units

  2. bobby6577 says:

    Every tool is perfect for a specific situation. So we shouldn't debate which is better. And we shouldn't past judgement if we did not experience a particular situation. Does anybody here got involve with a gun fight, stabbed someone or got stabbed?

  3. FLippssalot says:

    And on a side note: guns strongly amplify lethality of an individual, but it doesnt make you super saiyan. Knives strongly amplify the lethality of an individual too. But remember, all depending on the situation. Gun at close close range is maybe not the best choice, neither would a knife at a far range. But hey, if thats all you got, well you better hope you ll live to see tomorrow. Each definitely holds its place in different situations and therefore cannot be compared EQUALLY, only understand

  4. FLippssalot says:

    I dont agree that firearms make martial arts obsolete. I will say however just like a weapon, regardless if its a knife gun etc, each holds its place in the survival fighting world. Its hard to say putting two equally skilled persons in knife vs gun, its apples to oranges. I do agree though however there are people who think martial arts and/or having a gun makes them invincible is just plain deceiving themselves. Learn them all, that way you can have an "edge" in fighting, than the avg person.

  5. sunn209 says:

    Um, its called a drill. Drills are to improve timing, reaction, this is not actual fighting.

    Mike Tyson used to hit a speed bag, top and bottom bag, why would he waste his time when HE could do a tiger knee?

    I doubt, in his prime, anyone could get close enough to deliver a Tiger knee, and even if you did, you would be knocked out cold, unconscious, so would never know if you were successful or not.

    Tyson , any street fighter, would wrap your Tiger knee in knots, then shove it up your ass.

  6. sunn209 says:

    To the jack-offs talking about gun vs knife and how useless martial arts are vs a gun..,

    If that were a fact and true, CIA, Police, SWAT, BlackOPs, FBI, DEA and other military forces and units all over the world would ONLY train in munitions and explosives, especially in basic training, which hand to hand is MANDATORY.

    If the last baston and power of racist superiority complex is at the barrel of a gun, you are in big trouble, specially if you run out of munitions.

    Internet tough-guy nerds

  7. vrheims says:

    @whackycute02 oh and by the way, our lady accountant got stabbed 27 times and died in the hands of someone who wasn't dancing his way to killing Judith. So please, don't jump in to my comment when you don't even know a thing or two about how it is to be in that situation.

  8. vrheims says:

    @whackycute02 dude you talked about Magellan like you were there when he died. You need to see some brutal/real videos of someone's face getting smashed by raged so you can have a clear head and understand that you can't dance your way to self defense. I'm not saying they don't know martial arts or self defense… I said it's a shitty way of teaching you how to defend yourself against armed combat fighting

  9. Whacky says:

    @corrosivetrip well too bad this toddler game you said is the technique which killed thousand of people already.. one notable person named magellan, a portugese explorer.

  10. Whacky says:

    @Itongski2011 but if you know how to dance like that then u wouldnt be killed with their blades.. if not… you'll probably get stabbed to death.

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