Fighting Woman Bullwhip and Knife – Latigo y Daga – Filipino Martial Arts

The Latigo y Daga (whip and knife) was practiced in the filipino Kali. At the time of the conquistadors was prohibited the use of firearms.I’m trying to delve into the …

11 thoughts on “Fighting Woman Bullwhip and Knife – Latigo y Daga – Filipino Martial Arts

  1. rep says:

    the whip can be translated to belt because a whip and a belt has the same attribute so a belt can be an improvised weapon in a street fight that is why there is an advantage in learning this bullwhip art and Kali never removed bullwhips in their art because Kali practitioners saw the practicality of learning bullwhips…..

  2. Coldburne says:

    I'm from Northern Canada and it's pretty much boonies where I live.

    The threat of bears, cougars, and wolves is a very real thing out here.   Not to mention wild dogs.

    Anytime I go for a walk I have my bullwhip and a knife with me.

  3. Michael Lorimer George says:

    I carry my whip around with me everywhere….im a Filipino Martial Artist.

    The whip can be a weapon with correct mind set and application of use. There are many Pro's & Con's regarding its effectiveness.
    On the whole though its a fantastic hobby thats very rewarding and relaxing hobby.

    Any newbie whip crackers…….be warned….please wear your eye protection the whip can cause perminate injuries.

    Train safe and have a lot of fun.

  4. Fritz Ehlers says:

    I love whips, been cracking whips for just over a year now but not as a martial artist, more like a form of contact juggling and performance. I don't rate the whip as a weapon at all.

  5. Mari Mont says:

    Hi, thank you for the correct statement. Latigo y Daga (whip) (knife) was an ancient martial art practiced in ancient times in the Philippines (in the days when the conquistadors had prohibited the use of firearms), I'm trying to delve into the topic.I have several years practical Kali, Panantukan, etc., in the past I have learned well the street fighting. For a year and a half I am learning to use the bullwhip, sincerely the whip I really like, I would also like to be able to combine the Kali.

  6. dontbeadrone says:

    That's a girl…thank you. Now a practical question. I practice Wing Chun, which is a lot like Kali…although you guys emphasize stick fighting. But, why the whips? No one walks around the countryside or city with a whip to either protect themselves, or attack others.

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