Fighting With A Walking Cane For Beginners plus how to use kicks



Fighting with a walking cane for beginners will get you started on effective and practical self defense techniques using the best martial arts weapon for street fight …

8 thoughts on “Fighting With A Walking Cane For Beginners plus how to use kicks

  1. William Burnett says:

    Great class. I went to purchase a cane from your store but the cane you recommended is only 34". I am 6' but no one has ever commented on my simian like arms. I currently use a 37" cane which I cut down but the crook is too narrow for my hand, making it unsuitable for this purpose. While a shorter cane is going to be lighter and faster it will not provide the correct support during its "day" job of going from A to B. Also, I want to practice with the weapon I intend to use. Just some consumer feedback. Like your perspective and will continue to learn from what you have to offer.

  2. Raymond Rowe says:

    Love your videos… I have a question? Have you ever done a cane, self defense, video about meeting a attacker in a hallway? A family home hallway can be pretty close quarters… just a idea.

  3. Hank McGurk says:

    Master Pasquinilli, thank you for continuing your instruction; made available to us all. The skill of your Art excels beyond execution of movement. The skill of your Art has become much more than a single "thing" or "techniques". From afar, to any eyes that can see, you exude the Spirit of the Way.
    You are an excellent instructor, a fine communicator. Patient, relentless; always encouraging your students to do something (anything) each day. This is the mark of a Master, one who knows that a student who takes one step, and then another, and then another will eventually be on the Path to the Way.
    Humble in the familiar, you are exceptional. Marrying the Ancient Arts of the East into the Culture of the West. Through your instruction we receive a gift of the Art beyond the Physical movement.
    I recognize a Master. Humility wielded in flawless form. You do not demand or require trophy or title.
    Master Pasquinilli, my Prayers are with you. Many thanks. God Bless.

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